Cleansing Ritual

Posted on April 1, 2011


Cleansing Ritual:
To bless or clense a residence.

Based on the suggested clensing technique suggested to L&L reserch in the Law of One book IV session 95

Trail a line of salt along the entrances and exits. When the salt is laid you may repeat “We praise the one Creator which gave to salt the ability to enable those friends, to which we wish to bid farewell, to find a new home.”

Using blessed (either bless by the self with intention or water believed to be blessed from one area or another is to be carefully dipped with the fingers and sprinknled on the entrance and exit areas “We give thanks to the one Creatorfor the gift of water. Over it the Creator moves Its hand and stirs Its will tobe done.”

Allow the effects to stay in place for two nights and one day.

Then swept with a virgin broom. When the sweeping is done you may say “We praise the one Creator andgive thanksgiving for the spiritual cleanliness of this dwelling place.”

If unfortunate entities are present, hang cut garlic in the space with the intention of bidding the being on its way. The hanging of the cut garlic may be accompanied by the words “We praisethe one Creator for the gift of garlic and bless its ability to offer to those friends to whom we wish to bid farewell the arrow which points their wayof egress.”

Leave this also for two nights and three days then burn the garlic. As the garlic is burned you may say “We give thanks to the one Creator forthe gift of spiritual cleanliness in our dwelling place and seal the departureof all those who have left by this exit by the consuming of this substance” .