Helpful Meditations

Posted on April 1, 2011


Centering Meditation

This meditation can be repeated throughout the day. Consider this short visualization before important decisions or events.

Please close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and every time you breathe in imagine that you are breathing in the light of the sun and that it is filling your body with bright light energy.

After a few exhales, you will begin to feel lighter on the inside.

Once you can image your body filled with light, begin to focus the exhales, imagine that you are pushing, with the force of your breath the golden light into your root chakra; into the connection with earth.

Imagine that with every exhale you are filling up a secrete compartment, that stores back up energy in a compressed way.

Breathing in the golden light and pressing it down, stuffing your root chakra with a golden store of light.

Grounding Meditation

Please close your eyes.

Bring your attention to your breathing. In and out. Slowly and consciously taking in a full breath and releasing a full breath.

When you are ready, imagine that a chord emerges from the base of your spine and begins a decent, on your command to the center of the Earth.

Imagine that it falls deeper and deeper into the warm, center of the Earth anchoring itself deep within.

Feel the energy of Mother Earth rise through the chord emanating all around you. Feel the pulse of the Earth.

Alternate Meditation

Instead of the grounding chord, use the imagery of having ones feel firmly planted in dark rich soil.

Your bare feet are buried ankle deep in the earth.

Stand tall like a plant, your head the flower, arms giant leaves and from the base of your spine, down the trunks of your legs you see roots beginning to grow outward and deeply. They tumble and tangle and branch out beneath the soil, holding you steady and also nourishing your body with vital nutrients and minerals.

Breathe in the feeling of being attached and fully connected to the earth. Feel how you are apart of the vibration and it is apart of you.

Purple Cloak (violet flame) meditation

My personal spin on violet flame mediation.

Note: I find that once you do the extended cloak meditation that you can skip to imagine dawning the purple cloak for divine power, protection and guidance.

Begin with the centering meditation.

Once you are filled with light we will begin with a series of visualizations.

First imagine the color red. See the crimson brilliant light in your minds eye; thick, honey, pulsing pumping through your veins. Red. Red. Red. Feel the warmth of the red hot summer sun, the heat, feel the sensations in the body. Red. Red. Red.

See how the red gets lighter and lighter until the color orange appears. Orange. Orange. Orange. See the bright brilliant color. Vibrant, glistening, juicy orange. Deliciously citrus. Warm, and soft cantaloupe flesh. Orange. Orange. Orange.

Imagine how the orange gets lighter and lighter until the orange becomes a vibrant yellow. Sunlight and sun beams on sunflowers and corn. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow.

Mellow and soft like warm butter or molten gold. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow.

Lighter and lighter, now softer and brighter, green begins to pour out. Green. Green. Green. Fresh and crisp and clean. Plants and the forest, brisk gusts through the trees. Brilliant emerald and deep pools of Green. Green. Green.

Then lighter we float to the blues of the sea. Blue. Blue. Blue. Turquoise and teal to navy blue hue, deep like the ocean. Smooth and cool, like a fast moving stream, easily flowing, icy cool water. Blue. Blue. Blue.

The lighter we float up up up, till a pinkish purple, indigo. Light pale blue to pinkish purple hue. Indigo. Indigo. Indigo. Mystical, magical indigo, feel the sensation, the plump and rich colorful vibration. Bright, clear, electrified nature. Indigo. Indigo. Indigo.

To the top we rise to the purple inside. Violet. Violet. Violet. Brilliant and wise amethyst, deep majestic pools of purple. A river of deep merlot, infinite liquid power stream of dark, royal purple. Violet, Violet. Violet.

Once you are vibrating at a deep purple you know that you are One with all that is. You are safe and protected in womb of creation. Your guide appears behind you hold a cloak the same color as your violet vibration. Lovingly, they place it on your shoulders. Instantly you feel the power of color or violet, the warmth and protection wrapped around your body. Only you can allow another to penetrate your cloak.

You may dawn a cloak of any single color to dial into or recharge those chakras. For example: you might want to visualize a red cloak when about to do strenuous physical work. Or if you have to communicate with a co worker over a difficult topic, you may consider a cloak of a light blue-green color. Before any magical working, I would suggest dawning the purple cloak.

To “dawn” the cloak, is simply to visualize putting it on around your body. Feel the how this visualization changes your energy. Feel the sensations that the imagery offers.


Conjure the Blank Page

Please close your eyes.

Think of the blackest black, the darkest night, so dark you can’t see further than a few inches, but all there is to see is blackness.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes the night piercing the darkness; the brightest, barely bluish, bolt of white glowing light. Once you have imagined this then imagine slowing down the bolt of lightning, slow down the flashes so that the lightning is striking, but in a way that you can see the pulsation of the light as it flashes from dark black to white light, black to white…black….white…………black………..white…………………

Sit in the white now. Feel it all around you. Feel the clean, bright, white, feel the fresh vibrant energy. See the white. Now pull back from your view, pull yourself out of the white and stand outside of it, but see now how the white that was once all around you has shrunk, or you grew and it is a white, clean empty sheet of paper in your hands.


Shower of Light

Please open your third-eye

Imagine at first a single drop of golden light

It falls from the sky on to the top of your head

Then another drop falls from the sky and another

The golden drops roll down your body

Some of the light is absorbed through your skin

Sinking down, down deep with in

Each drop fills you with joy and light

Each drop washes away the tension

All thought disappears as you stand

Being showered with large golden drops of light

Healing drops of light

You relax into the light

You tune into to the feeling of being washed clean

You feel all fear and doubt wash out

Leaving you lighter, brighter

You feel fuller and eager to live

You feel clean and washed with pure love

Pure golden love droplets of light


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