The Idea of Archetypes at all

Posted on April 4, 2011


I have this idea that archetypes are really more like the original models or modes of creation. What is called the System of Sevens by Ra in session 91 of the Law of One series is said to be  “most articulated system yet discovered by any experiment by any Logos in our octave”. And I had a theory of how to approach the material.

If you were a race of super intelligent, galactic beings and you came to Earth man attempting to answer complicated questions with easy to understand answers without common language, cultural or historical references, how would you do it?  Try to explain what something like consciousness is. Or what the Earth really is to a people who have never been across the ocean let alone space. I think imagery and imagination was the easiest form of communication. Picture this … a tribe of indigenous people are and you have chosen to make contact with them. There are considerations that could be made at infinitum but eventually you find a way. Though you will not have the ability to communicate instantly, there is an opportunity for trust to be built and quickly. Once there is trust then there can be communication. The indigenous people may wonder where you came from, and lets just say you came from New York or some big city. How can you explain skyscrapers when the people have only seen trees so high. And televisions, or cell phones. I realize this concept is not a new one, but an important one when we decide to travel back through time to unravel hidden wisdom locked within nuances of the social culture of a time lost. Especially if that time lost contained contact with a race of intergalactic shaman and masters. Remember, however that the images presented to the people of Egypt were not images per-say but visualizations.

I came up with two approaches to the study suggested in the Law of One. The first approach was to follow, as closely as possible, the original recipe of study outlined by Ra which includes the images presented in the Major Arcana of the Fathman Deck with the accompanying quotes. It was through this process that I stumbled on the second approach which was to use guided visualization, the  method originally used to by those on Venus and the way Ra explained it to the Egyptians.

But what is being explained exactly? What information is being communicated and what do the archetypes really mean anyway?

The Archetypes are the major players in a somewhat complicated system, the system of creation. It is easy to look at the images and get bogged down in the cultural symbolism, artistic expression of the time or otherwise foreign concepts, but while the at the heart, it is meant to be understandable. Each is a face of the creator. So when we see the card like the “World” or “Universe” card we can understand that perhaps that is exactly what the card means. The Universe herself is an archetype, and how could she not be. She is an element of creation we each have a unique connection to and understanding of. Some know a great deal about the universe while others only know a few random factoids. The Universe is something real and something in an of itself. This is only an example of how each card or visualization could be approached to ground the information to make it relevant and useful.

So when we look at card 1 for example and we see the image of a Magician. We are told that the Magician represents consciousness and we say with our mouths, “yes, this makes sense. Yes, we understand.” Then we say that this is the matrix of the mind and you say, “wait a second, what is a matrix and what is this mind you are talking about.” There is a lot of jargon to wade through when reading the Law of One and that can be a stumbling block for some, but instead of replacing the words that Ra used with maybe simpler concepts it is my intention to help us all to incoporate this new language into our common vocabulary so we can have new words to explain things that have not been twisted or convoluted like the word “love” or even “God”.

The idea of an Archetypical Mind at the foundation of the creation of the universe is too exciting and interesting a topic to leave undiscovered. It is this passion to understand coupled with my nature to share what I have learned that gave birth to this study and this blog. May you find the answers you seek!


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