Seven, Seven, Seven

Posted on April 5, 2011


We have the number seven repeated from the macrocosm to the microcosm in structure and experience. Therefore, it would only be expected that there would be seven basic bodies which we would perhaps be most lucid by stating as red-ray body, etc. However, we are aware that you wish to correspond these bodies mentioned with the color rays. This will be confusing, for various teachers have offered their teach/learning understanding in various terms. Thus one may name a subtle body one thing and another find a different name.”-Ra, Session 47

  • 7 chakras
  • 7 bodies
  • 7 densities

7chakrasSeven vibratory energy complexes or energy centers (a.k.a. Chakras)

  • Red-ray: Malkuth, or Earth. An understanding and acceptance of this energy is fundamental. Red ray is the foundation. This ray may be understood to be the basic strengthening ray for each density. It shall never be condescended to as less important or productive of spiritual evolution, for it is the foundation ray. The red energy center often is in the shape of the spoked wheel
  • Orange-ray: emotional or personal complex. This blockage will often demonstrate itself as personal eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self. The movement towards yellow ray. The orange energy center in the flower shape containing three petals.
  • Yellow-ray: or solar plexus center resembles most closely that which you have called ego. Blockages in this center will often manifest as distortions toward power manipulation and other social behaviors concerning those close and those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex. Yellow ray is the ray of self-awareness and interaction. This is the great steppingstone ray. It is the second foundation ray. At this ray the mind/body potentiates to its fullest balance. The yellow center again in a rounded shape, many faceted, as a star.
  • Green-ray: the center of heart is the center from which third-density beings may springboard, shall we say, to infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion. Green ray is the movement through various experiences of energy exchanges having to do with compassion and all-forgiving love to the primary blue ray. The green-ray entity is ineffectual in the face of blockage from other-selves. This is the resource for spiritual work. When green ray has been activated we find the third primary ray being able to begin potentiation. This is the first true spiritual ray in that all transfers are of an integrated mind/body/spirit nature.The green energy center sometimes called the lotus-shape, the number of points of crystalline structure dependent upon the strength of this center.
  • Blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as inpouring. Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping the spirit/mind complexes of its own entity and further difficulty in expressing such understandings of self. Entities blocked in this area may have difficulties in accepting communication from other mind/body/spirit complexes. Blue ray is the first ray of radiation of self regardless of any actions from another. The blue ray entity is a co-Creator. The blue ray seats the learnings/teachings of the spirit in each density within the mind/body complex animating the whole, communicating to others this entirety of being-ness. The blue energy center capable of having perhaps one hundred facets and capable of great flashing brilliance
  • Indigo-ray is the pineal center. Those blocked in this center may experience a lessening of the influx of intelligent energy due to manifestations which appear as unworthiness. The indigo-ray balancing is quite central to the type of work which revolves about the spirit complex, which has its influx then into the transformation or transmutation of third density to fourth density, it being the energy center receiving the least distorted outpourings of love/light from intelligent energy and also the potential for the key to the gateway of intelligent infinity. The indigo ray, though precious, is that ray worked upon only by the adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to intelligent infinity bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy center worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden, and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. As you are aware, those who heal, teach, and work for the Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray. The indigo center a more quiet center which has the basic triangular or three-petalled shape in many, although some adepts who have balanced the lower energies may create more faceted forms.
  • Violet-ray: simply the total expression of the entity’s vibratory complex of mind, body, and spirit. It is as it will be, “balanced” or “imbalanced” has no meaning at this energy level, for it gives and takes in its own balance. Whatever the distortion may be, it cannot be manipulated as can the others and, therefore, has no particular importance in viewing the balancing of an entity. The violet ray is constant and does not figure into a discussion of the functions of ray activation in that it is the mark, the register, the identity, the true vibration of an entity. The violet energy center is the least variable and is sometimes described in your philosophy as thousand-petalled as it is the sum of the mind/body/spirit complex distortion totality.

*red ray and violet ray may be seen as fixed; thus the inner rays are those which are varying and are to be observed as those indications of seniority in the attempts to form an harvest.

** The strong red/orange/yellow triad springboards the entity into the center ray of green.

Seven Bodies

seven bodies

The red-ray body is your chemical body. However, it is not the body which you have as clothing in the physical. It is the unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form. This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical vehicle.

The orange-ray body is the physical body complex. This body complex is still not the body you inhabit but rather the body formed without self-awareness, the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters. This body may live without the inhabitation of the mind and spirit complexes. However, it seldom does so.

The yellow-ray body is your physical vehicle which you know of at this time and in which you experience catalyst. This body has the mind/body/spirit characteristics and is equal to the physical illusion, as you have called it.

The green-ray body is that body which may be seen in séance when what you call ectoplasm is furnished. This is a lighter body packed more densely with life. You may call this the astral body following some other teachings. Others have called this same body the etheric body. However, this is not correct in the sense that the etheric body is that body of gateway wherein intelligent energy is able to mold the mind/body/spirit complex.

The light body or blue-ray body may be called the devachanic body. There are many other names for this body especially in your so-called Indian Sutras or writings, for there are those among these peoples which have explored these regions and understand the various types of devachanic bodies. There are many, many types of bodies in each density, much like your own.

The indigo-ray body which we choose to call the etheric body is, as we have said, the gateway body. In this body form is substance and you may only see this body as that of light as it may mold itself as it desires.

The violet-ray body may perhaps be understood as what you might call the Buddha body or that body which is complete.

*Each of these bodies has an effect upon your mind/body/spirit complex in your life being-ness. The interrelationships, as we have said, are many and complex

Perhaps one suggestion that may be indicated is this: The indigo-ray body may be used by the healer once the healer becomes able to place its consciousness in this etheric state. The violet-ray or Buddhic body is of equal efficacy to the healer for within it lies a sense of wholeness which is extremely close to unity with all that there is. These bodies are part of each entity and the proper use of them and understanding of them is, though far advanced from the standpoint of third-density harvest, nevertheless useful to the adept.

there is a correlation between the energy field of an entity of your nature and planetary bodies, for all material is constructed by means of the dynamic tension of the magnetic field. The lines of force in both cases may be seen to be much like the interweaving spirals of the braided hair. Thus positive and negative wind and interweave forming geometric relationships in the energy fields of both persons, as you would call a mind/body/spirit complex, and planets.

The negative pole is the south pole or the lower pole. The north or upper pole is positive. The crisscrossing of these spiraling energies form primary, secondary, and tertiary energy centers. You are familiar with the primary energy centers of the physical, mental, and spiritual body complex. Secondary points of the crisscrossing of positive and negative center orientation revolve about several of your centers. The yellow-ray center may be seen to have secondary energy centers in elbow, in knee, and in the subtle bodies at a slight spacing from the physical vehicle at points describing diamonds about the entity’s naval area surrounding the body.

One may examine each of the energy centers for such secondary centers. Some of your peoples work with these energy centers, and you call this acupuncture. However, it is to be noted that there are most often anomalies in the placement of the energy centers so that the scientific precision of this practice is brought into question. Like most scientific attempts at precision, it fails to take into account the unique qualities of each creation.

The most important concept to grasp about the energy field is that the lower or negative pole will draw the universal energy into itself from the cosmos. Therefrom it will move upward to be met and reacted to by the positive spiraling energy moving downward from within. The measure of an entity’s level of ray activity is the locus wherein the south pole outer energy has been met by the inner spiraling positive energy.

As an entity grows more polarized this locus will move upwards. This phenomenon has been called by your peoples the kundalini. However, it may better be thought of as the meeting place of cosmic and inner, shall we say, vibratory understanding. To attempt to raise the locus of this meeting without realizing the metaphysical principles of magnetism upon which this depends is to invite great imbalance.” – Ra, Session 49

Seven Densities

  1. The cycle of awareness
  2. The cycle of growth
  3. The cycle of self-awareness
  4. The cycle of love or understanding
  5. The cycle of light or wisdom
  6. The cycle of light/love, love/light or unity
  7. The gateway cycle

Eight may be seen as the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb.

System of Sevens in the Major Arcana

  1. Matrix
  2. Potentiator
  3. Catalyst
  4. Experience
  5. Significator
  6. Transformation
  7. The Great Way

The Choice 

Tree_of_lifeThe Seven Chambers of the Garden of Eden from

The following sections of the holy Zohar explore the metaphysical structure of all reality.

The Zohar is not just another book that provides information. As we scan these Aramaic words and sentences, they convey mystical knowledge, profound spiritual influence, and positive energy into all areas of our lives. The Zohar is a life-enriching instrument that conveys the very same spiritual Light that it describes in its pages. The act of looking at and learning from the Zohar allows us to assimilate the energy that is present in each and every letter. Quite simply, the words on these pages bring Light to places of darkness.

There are seven chambers in the Garden of Eden–that is, seven levels or frequencies of spiritual energy. These seven chambers correspond to seven Sfirot, or dimensions.

Though there are ten Sfirot in all, and these comprise all reality, they are divided into two groups – the Upper Three [Keter, Chochmah and Binah] and the Lower Seven [Chesed, Gevurah, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malchut].

Generally, the Upper Three have no real influence or sway over our physical world. They are above and beyond the boundaries of our cosmic neighborhood.

The Lower Seven, however, directly affect our world. More than that, they are like a holographic projector that projects the Light of the Creator into a 3 dimensional hologram that we perceive as our universe.

Because there are seven Light sources, it’s not surprising that the number seven appears again and again:

  • 7 notes of music.
  • 7 colors of the spectrum.
  • 7 seas.
  • 7 continents.