The Magician – Symbolic Analysis

Posted on April 5, 2011


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77



Arcanum 1

Key observations:

  • Male, active.
  • Sphere indicates the spiritual nature of the will of one wishing to do magical acts in life.
  • Cubic stone(square or table) is the symbol of the third-density illusion manifested within;  the material world given life.
    • Black and white checkered pattern: polarity is the foundation of the material world.
    • The veil draped over or the dark area around the square represents the separation between consciousness and unconsciousness.
    • The ibis: spirit or higher-mind or levels of consciousness. “All birds are indeed intended to suggest that just as the Matrix figure, the Magician, cannot act without reaching its winged spirit, so neither can the spirit fly lest it be released into conscious manifestation and fructified thereby.”- Ra, session 91.

“The ibis has a bill that resembles the crescent moon, and its gait suggests the movement of the moon to some classical authors. Plutarch has written that the alternating black and white feathers of the male ibis are reminiscent of the dark and light phases of the moon. In addition to being a lunar animal, the ibis was well known in antiquity, because it would refuse to drink unhealthy or poisoned water, killed poisonous reptiles, and set mankind an example of cleanliness. Like the god Thoth, the ibis was hostile to dangerous forces and a model for purity and good sense; for Thoth, in addition to being the moon god, was the god of wisdom, who maintained the cosmic order that pervades the created world.” –

” The Matrix of the Mind is that which reaches just as the kinetic phase of intelligent infinity, through free will, reaches for the Logos or, in the case of the mind/body/spirit complex the sub-sub-Logos which is the free will potentiated being-ness of the mind/body/spirit complex; to intelligent infinity, Love, and all that follows from that Logos; to the Matrix or, shall we say, the conscious, waiting self of each entity, the Love or the sub-sub-Logos spinning through free will all those things which may enrich the experience of the Creator by the Creator.

“It is indeed so that the biases of the potentials of a mind/body/spirit complex cause the catalyst of this entity to be unique and to form a coherent pattern that resembles the dance, full of movement, forming a many-figured tapestry of motion”- Ra, session 92

Deeper Meanings: suggestions have been embedded within every image pointing to perspective, functions and relationships each archetype has with polarity, the material world and the other archetypes. Observing the left or right hand or the position of the figure (forward or side facing) are two examples of another layer of symbolism that can be considered. Ex. the right hand may be considered to represent the right-handed path or the “service-to-others” path, while the left hand may be considered the left handed path or “service-to-self”. Facing to the left may suggest that this archetype is naturally focused in the direction of self.

  • In this face, looking closely at the eyes I see two eclipsing eyes. Or at least, there is the illusion of two faces.
  • His body seems to be facing two ways also; half locked forward, half left facing.
  • His clothing connects to the veiled cubit.
  • Both feet are pointed forward.
  • Compare either sides of him.
  • Perhaps imagine if there is any movement for this figure. Consider whatever ideas you imagine.
  • Practice the magician visualization meditation 


“Each student may see some other nuance. We, as we have said, did not offer these images with boundaries but only as guidelines intending to aid the adept and to establish the architecture of the deep, or archetypical, portion of the deep mind.”- Ra, Session 91

Modern Keywords for the Magician:

Action — Consciousness — Concentration — Personal power

Practicality — Energy — Creativity — Movement

Precision — Conviction — Manipulation — Self confidence

Being objective — Focusing — Determination — Initiative

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