High Priestess – Potentiator of the Mind Explored

Posted on April 7, 2011


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77



Arcanum 2

Potentiate: to endow with power; to enhance; to increase the potency; an increase in activityor effectiveness

Potential: the inherent capacity for coming into being

Mind: the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes.

The unconscious (not to be confused with unconsciousness) is the vast, unknowable, unexaminable part of the mind (which Freud calls a “dynamic structure” in conflict with itself). The unconscious is much larger than consciousness. Is also sometimes called subconscious, higher-mind.

What is the potentiator of the mind?

“The Potentiator of the Mind is that great resource which may be seen as the sea into which the consciousness dips ever deeper and more thoroughly in order to create, ideate, and become more self-conscious.”-Ra, Session

“In the mind complex the matrix may be described as consciousness. It has been called the Magician. It is to be noted that of itself consciousness is unmoved. The potentiator of consciousness is the unconscious. This encompasses a vast realm of potential in the mind.”-Ra, Session 78

“Your language is not overstrewn with non-emotional terms for the functional qualities of what is now termed unconscious mind. The nature of mind is something which we have requested that you ponder. However, it is, shall we say, clear enough to the casual observer that we may share some thoughts with you without infringing upon your free learn/teaching experiences. The nature of the unconscious is of the nature of concept rather than word. Consequently, before the veiling the use of the deeper mind was that of the use of unspoken concept. You may consider the emotive and connotative aspects of a melody. One could call out, in some stylized fashion, the terms for the notes of the melody. One could say, quarter note A, quarter note A, quarter note A, whole note F. This bears little resemblance to the beginning of the melody of one of your composer’s most influential melodies, that known to you as a symbol of victory.This is the nature of the deeper mind. There are only stylized methods with which to discuss its functions. Thusly our descriptions of this portion of the mind, as well as the same portions of body and spirit, were given terms such as “far-seeing,” indicating that the nature of penetration of the veiled portion of the mind may be likened unto the journey too rich and exotic to contemplate adequate describing thereof.” -Ra Session 86

“At the beginning of this creation or,cas you may call it, octave there were those things known which were the harvest of the preceding octave. About the preceding creation, weknow as little as we do of the octaveto come. However, we are aware of those pieces of gathered concept which were the tools which the Creator had in the knowing of the self.
‘These tools were of three kinds. Firstly, there was an awareness of the efficiency for experience of mind,body, and spirit. Secondly, there was an awareness of the most efficacious nature or, if you will, significator of mind, body, and spirit. Thirdly, there was the awareness of two aspects of mind, of body, and of spirit that the significator could use to balance all catalyst. You may call these two the matrix and the potentiator.”-Ra Session 78

In One Word: Unconsciousness  (sometimes called the Subconscious)

The unconscious mind houses your divine power, is the fount of creativity, and makes expansion possible.  If your conscious mind and thoughts are in alignment with your higher power or your unconscious belief in that thought or thinking, true magic begins to happen in your life. Manifestation of thoughts into experience hastens.

In preparing for this section, it was easy to get tangled up in the insurmountable verbiage that has been invented to explain how the our local consciousness behaves. Words like unconscious, super-conscious, higher-conscious, subconscious, etc.. it is easy to get lost in the words and miss the message. It is obvious to many that, indeed there is a hierarchal type model in place to describe the actions of the mind. In the Three levels of the Mind video, Carmel Cathie explains the idea of the mind split into thirds: the conscious mind, subconscious and super conscious mind I found her perspective helpful and enlightening when considering the mind and its possible structure. This is only another way to explain the mystery that is, as far as I am concerned, still somewhat mystery clad.

This video by Johnathan Parker, describes the same qualities and functions also using the term subconscious and does so in a easy to understand way. Remember, this is how our modern day thinking explains this process, so as always take what is useful to you and leave behind that which serves you not.

Over Mind and Super Mind Concepts

Supramental Consciousness and human evolution

The Wise Bride Concept

One of the most central elements of this card is the veil adorned by the main figure. Upon my own meditation of this archetype, the words “Wise Bride” came to mind.

Who is the bride? The Higher mind.

Bride to whom? Consciousness.

The veiled bride is symbolic of the need for the conscious mind to seek that which has been hidden from it.

What does she look like under that veil? The separation between the unconscious and conscious mind (the Higher mind and the Conscious mind) is ultimate game of hide and seek, only instead of searching for a lost loved one, the one you have lost is your self. The veil gives the mind the motivation, the inspiration, the desire to uncover more and more about the part of itself that has been kept hidden from it. And he need only lift something as small, thin and delicate as a veil. Lucky for us its not an iron curtain. But it isn’t for a reason. It is meant to be lifted, she wants you to do it. Its even semi-see through like her negligee, why is that? So you can be teased or tempted, but the element of surprise or the unknown is left intact. This keeps the conscious mind curious, active and interested in what will be bared next.

And what makes her so wise? She is a virgin too you know 🙂 but this is not about sexuality exactly, but about metaphor. Remember for a moment that we are talking about Archetypes, here: the first forms or energy patterns created by this Logos to encourage evolution of the souls who incarnate here. OUR unconscious minds are likely no longer virgins since we have been dipping into that fount since we first arrived. The energy here we are recognizing is that pure, untapped potential.

The unconscious mind has been recording all things that you have experienced since the lights came on in your physical vehicle. A record of sorts has been kept in deeper recesses of your mind and is never lost, so even when your local human mind has forgotten, it is never truly lost. Simply put as possible for all intesive purpose, the conscious mind encompasses everything existing in your immediate awareness. All the knowledge and access points to knowledge that you have accumulated in this incarnation (and maybe other incarnations too, if you play that way). The unconscious mind then would be EVERYTHING ELSE!! Everything that is currently unknown to you consciously would then be unconscious. And if you are like me, the amount of things I don’t know is infinite. Not only that, each and every one of those things that you don’t know about, you must observe at some point in your existence.

What’s up with her pillars? Polarity is the game. The existence of the veil created the opportunity for duality and polarity… What is polarity? Direction. Which direction are you traveling in? Toward the light or away from it? Either way you go in either direction will lead you to the same place, but which way is faster? That answer should be an obvious one. Your higher mind will take you in either direction, but it is listening to the conscious mind for what it wants to manifest be it a positive or negative experience. The conscious mind has been present and observing all the experiences and up until a certain point, it has been unconsciously forming biases or feelings about them. In other words, certain experiences will reveal or inspire a slanting to one of the two poles co-existing within the self. Subconscious biases are often communicated to conscious mind through the body as emotions or feelings toward the situation. Once this slanting occurs or a bias is present, it will then be offered until the opposing bias can also be appreciated to the same extent until no bias exists and then the next bias is offered for exploration. This balances the polarity within the mind and allows the being to fully appreciate both the self and other self polarity equally.  It should be noted that the actions of the conscious individual either reinforce or deconstruction these biases based upon our present thinking and acting. And through the power of our imagination, we are able to achieve the balancing of polarity through our conscious intention rather than having to create an actual experience. This is liberating for the self, since it need only observe the bias and balance it through thought and then confirm or follow through with the new belief with actions as if, without needing to manifest an unpleasant or uncomfortable learning experience. You can preempt experience and nip it in the bud through simply identifying the imbalance and correcting it. This is power over your life in a very important, proactive sort of way.

Let me give you an example: I observe the sun. I choose a thought that resonates closely to my current vibration and the words “I dislike it when the sun is so hot.” The higher mind hears this thought and if you said it with your mouth, then you have called this into manifestation. If I allow myself to hold on to that thought as truth, then the higher mind, will continue to offer me the experience that will reinforce my thinking until I realize that that thought is not true or not balances, because it does not take into account all the situations for when I love it when the sun is so hot. Until I can balance my belief with its antithesis, an experience will repeat it at nauseum. Once I am able to overcome that bias, then I can move onward to the next. This is the clearing or making way for new fresh energy. This is the expansion and growth that must continue onward. The resistance to change or balance bias is the cause for “the same thing happening over and over again” in your life. Find the unbalanced thought and balance it within your self so that you can let go of it.
Why does she have a blanket? The covering represents the protection that is perceived when on the right handed path. It is not a new idea that your unconscious mind is always trying to lead you from pain and toward pleasure. It is taking direction from the conscious mind to produce catalyst that will be of the highest service to itself. So for those who are on the path of light, they will undoubtedly experience comfort and security in the positive manifestations of the unconscious mind when the conscious mind is also positively aligned. In other words, when you believe consciously that you are ugly for example, the unconscious mind will reinforce that idea until the conscious belief changes to the belief that you are beautiful. Then the unconscious mind will reinforce that idea. It matters not what the idea is, the high priestess will reinforce it.♥

More about the unconscious

I once had a vision or dream of sorts of the High Priestess that occurred in a state just before waking one morning. For what seemed like a very long moment I perceived a form pressed out of solid gold light. It is hard to explain exactly but being in the presence of this form was like being in the stream of a loud chord, a pure emanation of energy with an accompanying tone or vibration that you have no choice but to resonate with it.The image was of a female seated with two large beams of light on either side.I don’t remember much detail, only the vibrancy of the light and the power ofthe vibration that I was in awe just to be in that presence.

It was long after waking that I really wondered what I had seen and what it means. One thing is certain, I doubt not the existence of these archetypes as actual things in existence, though I have no proof of it, only the memory of an experience and the feeling that lingers on about it.

The unconscious mind is a term coined by the 18th century German romantic philosopher Sir Christopher Riegel and later introduced into English by the poet and essayist Samuel Taylor Coleridge.[1] The unconscious mind might be defined as that part of the mind which gives rise to a collection of mental phenomena that manifest in a person’s mind but which the person is not aware of at the time of their occurrence. These phenomena include unconscious feelings, unconscious or automatic skills, unnoticed perceptions, unconscious thoughts, unconscious habits and automatic reactions, complexes, hidden phobias and concealed desires.

The unconscious mind can be seen as the source of night dreams and automatic thoughts (those that appear without apparent cause); the repository of memories that have been forgotten but that may nevertheless be accessible to consciousness at some later time; and the locus of implicit knowledge, i.e. all the things that we have learned so well that we do them without thinking. One familiar example of the operation of the unconscious is the phenomenon where one fails to immediately solve a given problem and then suddenly has a flash of insight that provides a solution maybe days later at some odd moment during the day. – Wikipedia.org

“Consider, if you will, the path your life-experience complex has taken. Consider the coincidences and odd circumstances by which one thing flowed to the next. Consider this well. Each entity will receive the opportunity that each needs. This information source-beingness does not have uses in the life-experience complex of each of those among your peoples who seek. Thus the advertisement is general and not designed to indicate the searching out of any particular material, but only to suggest the noumenal aspect ofthe illusion.” -Ra, Session

Connect to your Higher-Mind