Simple Meditations for Strength and Healing

Posted on April 7, 2011


In times of great sorrow or when I am overcome with emotion, there are a few things that I do to ease the pain, so to speak:

  • Grounding: typically I will draft a creative visualization for achieving the feeling of connecting with the heart of the Earth through the physical body from any point. The most common I have found is the imagery of a grounding chord originating at the base of your spine and stretches down, deeper and deeper until it connects with the center or heart of our Earth mother. Acknowledge mother Earth by offering a greeting with heart-felt thanksgiving. Feel her energy rise from through the chord and your feet. Feel it travel up your legs and then up your torso. Then up to your shoulders and throat, neck, then chin, face and then the energy envelopes your head. Her divine energy pulses through you surrounding your energy. Pay attention to any sensations in the body, they may come in many forms. Breathe often.
  • Calling for Light: still your mind and place your awareness in the center of your body, the solar-plexus, draw with your mind the star within shining brightly. Perhaps it is spinning and looks like a mini-sun beneath your chest. Feel the energy emanating from this ball of light. Now imagine the sun, the fiery ball of light. Acknowledge the Sun by greeting and offering heartfelt thanksgiving. Now imagine that at the same moment, in perfect time, the sun reaching down toward your star with an arm-beam of crystal clear golden light as the star sends out a thick laser-beam of light upward spiraling together as the beam penetrates deep within the star. You are filled with radiance and emboldened with love from above and below. Now feel the energy building then effortlessly allow yourself to anchor the light, be the anchor of light. Feel yourself, strong, still and buzzing with alive-alert-awarness.
  • Ho’o’ponopono (Pronounced: Ho oh ponopono): Hawaiian for to make right again, or to restore righteousness and is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is said that in the old times, before your doctor or healer would give any treatment for illness, the sick person must first ho’oponopono, usually with family members, but it could be anyone that you may be harboring ill-will, anger, resentment, or any sort of emotional upset toward. The idea was that in order for you to be healed in the physical body, you would first have to heal your personal feelings and emotions with the other-self(s).

This practice is in alignment with the ideas of ultimate responsibility, the idea that everything that is perceived by the self as the world outside is a reflection of the self and in order to “clean up” energies that are no longer serving you in the way you wish, the action of apology (and this can be for something specific or in general, but it is helpful to be sincere, however you can also just say I’m sorry and leave it open. The same is true for all steps), asking forgiveness, reciprocating with heartfelt gratitude and then the offering of love.

In my personal practice, I favor a simple four step exercise:

  • I’m Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You
  • I Love You

I will usually imagine the person I wish to do this healing with is standing in front of me. (Note: this can be done with the actual person as was done in old times, however it is effective to do this visualization exercise on your own, as healing your self heals others.) Say with your inner voice to the person “I’m sorry.” Imagine their response to this. Do not judge your imagined reaction, acknowledge it and ask again if needed. Sometimes once is enough, sometimes you may feel the need to stay in this vibration until you have fully expressed this emotion with the person.

“Please forgive me.” You say to them with your inner voice and then imagine their response to this. Again, acceptance is key here. Stay in this vibration until you have feel you have fully expressed this emotion or sensation with the person.

“Thank you.” Be sincere, really express your gratitude not only with your word but with your emotions in the body, really feel how thankful you are for them, for they have given you something no other person could have. Something priceless.

When you say “I love you” really feel it emanating from your heart. Send that love to the person when you say it and imagine how they respond to this energy. Embrace them if you feel inspired, or simply acknowledge the love.

The final step of Ho’oponopono is as important as the other four-steps yet it consist of only one thing: letting go forever. Once you have completed the above cycle once, try to free the person, place or thing. If there is resistance, repeat until you are able to let go of all unhelpful energies toward that person, place or thing (you can also imagine you are saying it to yourself if you feel you are wanting to exercise self-forgiveness also).

Way to go! Nice Job! You will likely experience magical results. Don’t believe me? Read this! or Watch this! 😀


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