Wheel of Fortune- Symbolic Analysis

Posted on June 7, 2011


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77

Wheel of Fortune


Arcanum 10

Key Observations:

  • The winged creatures: three magical figures or forces at work in this image. Wings are said to represent the soul on its journey back to source. 
    • The seven serpents : magical power. It is interesting that these serpents are drawn as spokes or arms of the wheel. 
  • All that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a person is catalyst. Anything that assaults the senses is catalyst. Serpents when placed at the head are said to represent positive magical power, while those present at the navel negative. I would consider these serpents to be at the navel of this wheel, perhaps suggesting that the catalyst of the body is that which is generated for the betterment and understanding of the self. The fact that there are 7 serpents leads me to believe that the catalyst being generated are done so for the balancing and strengthening of the seven energy centers of the body. 
  • The wheel within a wheel: similar to the Ankh shape with a the winged disk at the base and a winged sphinx on top of a platform. The idea of cycles comes to mind and how the universe cycles. Women can relate to this idea perhaps with more ease because of the more apparent body cycles. It is a wheel because there is no beginning or end of a circle, only continuous revolutions. Cycles like weather, are an example of catalyst in the physical.
    • The Guardian: unlike the catalyst of the mind, the unconditional love of the sun is not depicted to preside over the catalyst of the body, instead it is an armed magical winged figure. We see the large right wing and his left foot is far behind the right, while his front left paw supports the right hold the spear at a 90 degree angle. Perhaps the simplest explanation for this imagery is to paint the picture of divine order.

Deeper Meanings: suggestions have been embedded within every image pointing to perspective, functions and relationships each archetype has with polarity, the

 material world and the other archetypes. Observing the left or right hand or the position of the figure (forward or side facing) are two examples of another layer of symbolism that can be considered. Ex. the right hand may be considered to represent the right-handed path or the “service-to-others” path, while the left hand may be considered the left handed path or “service-to-self”. Facing to the left may suggest that this archetype is naturally focused in the direction of self.

  • It is the bringing about of catalyst in the physical world. Catalyst is a manifestation of the union of balance and wisdom. 
  • The golden rule: “What goes around comes around” 
  • What message can be grasped from seeing the main figure from the Matrix of the Spirit riding the wheel?
  • Notice the position of the two genies. The one on the right seems to be upside down yet he is riding on the outside of the wheel. His left limbs are in front of the wheel, the right hand holds the inner wheel, the left hand the outer wheel, and both feet. While the one on the left, seems to be climbing the wheel only to be thwarted by the guardians spear at the top. 
  • The Figure on the right, reaches for the foundation or the root of the mechanism, while the other seems to be attempting to climb the wheel.