The Moon- Experience of the Spirit Explored

Posted on June 8, 2011


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77

The Moon


Arcanum 12

Experience: the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities

Spirit: the vital principle or animating force within living things

Moonlight: the Sun makes the moon shine. The moon makes no light of its own, only reflects the light of the sun. At any time, half of the Earth and half of the moon are lit by the sun. The other half is in shadow.

 “The scorpion is a constant reminder that death walks with us.” –



What is the experience of the spirit?

“The Experience of the Spirit that which you have called the Moon is then, by far, the more manifest of influences upon the polarity of the adept. Even the most unhappy of experiences, shall we say, which seem to occur in the Catalyst of the adept, seen from the viewpoint of the spirit, may, with the discrimination possible in shadow, be worked with until light equaling the light of brightest noon descends upon the adept and positive or service-to-others illumination has occurred. The service-to-self adept will satisfy itself with the shadows and, grasping the light of day, will toss back the head in grim laughter, preferring the darkness.” -Ra, Session 80


“You may, with some fruitfulness, consider the possibilities of moonlight. You are aware that we have described the Matrix of the Spirit as a Night. The moonlight, then, offers either a true picture seen in shadow or chimera and falsity. The power of falsity is deep as is the power to discern truth from shadow. The shadow of hidden things is an infinite depth in which is stored the power of the One Infinite Creator.

The adept, then, is working with the power of hidden things illuminated by that which can be false or true. To embrace falsity, to know it, and to seek it, and to use it gives a power that is most great. This is the nature of the power of your visitor and may shed some light upon the power of one who seeks in order to serve others as well, for the missteps in the night are oh! so easy.”-Ra, Session 80

Though not specifically a question asked about the experience of the spirit, the following quote from the Law of One Session 21 shows a spirits perspective of incarnation. The body cycle shows us the system of incarnation such as we experience on Earth, thusly it has been incorporated into the lessons and given its proper order as second system. Note the idea of animalistic behavior and consider the use of animals in the imagery of the cards we have been introduced to up until now.

“The incarnation pattern of the beginning third-density mind/body/spirit complex begins in darkness[AK1] , for you may think or consider of your density as one of, as you may say, a sleep and a forgetting. This is the only plane of forgetting. It is necessary for the third-density entity to forget so that the mechanisms of confusion or free will may operate upon the newly individuated consciousness complex.
Thus, the beginning entity is one in all innocence oriented towards animalistic behavior using other-selves only as extensions of self for the preservation of the all-self. [AK3] The entity becomes slowly aware that it has needs, shall we say, that are not animalistic; that is, that are useless for survival. These needs include: the need for companionship, the need for laughter, the need for beauty, the need to know the universe about it[AK4] . These are the beginning needs.

As the incarnations begin to accumulate, other needs are discovered: the need to trade[AK5] , the need to love, the need to be loved[AK6] , the need to elevate animalistic behaviors to a more universal perspective.[AK7] 

During the first portion of third-density cycles, incarnations are automatic and occur rapidly upon the cessation of energy complex of the physical vehicle. There is small need to review or to heal the experiences of the incarnation. As, what you would call, the energy centers begin to be activated to a higher extent, more of the content of experience during incarnation deals with the lessons of love.

Thus the time, as you may understand it, between incarnations is lengthened to give appropriate attention to the review and the healing of experiences of the previous incarnation. At some point in third density, the green-ray energy center becomes activated and at that point incarnation ceases to be automatic.” –Ra Session 21


“If you look around the room right now, you will (probably!) see people and objects that are comforting in their familiarity. Everything is exactly as you expect it to be. You know that if you closed your eyes and opened them, the room would be the same. But…have you ever lost the familiar to find, in its place, a world so extraordinary you can’t even grasp it? This is the experience of the Moon.

Most of the time we live in a tiny pocket of normality that we wrap around us like a security blanket. We turn our backs on the mysterious universe that waits outside. From time to time we may sneak a peak with our imagination, or venture out through fantasy or expanded awareness. We can be thrust out there unprepared through drugs, madness or intense experiences such as battle.

The Moon is the light of this realm – the world of shadow and night. Although this place is awesome, it does not have to be frightening. In the right circumstances, the Moon inspires and enchants. It holds out the promise that all you imagine can be yours. The Moon guides you to the unknown so you can allow the unusual into your life.

Sadly, we are usually afraid of the Moon. In readings, this card often stands for fears and anxieties – the ones that come in the darkest part of the night. Card 18 also stands for illusions. It is easy to lose our way in the moonlight. Be careful not to let deceptions and false ideas lead you astray. Sometimes the Moon is a signal that you are lost and wandering aimlessly. You must find your way back to the path and your clarity of purpose.” –

“The Egyptian goddess of transformation, Isis (or, Aset,) was liberated by the god of wisdom, Toth, from the room in which Seth had her at work weaving a shroud. She was given a company of seven scorpions to serve as her bodyguard, which forms a circle around her.”  – Khandro.Net

 [AK1]Reminds me of the Matrix of the Spirit or Primeval Darkness

 [AK2]The reason for the veiling to occur between the Magician and the High Priestess and explains again why the Matrix of the mind is Primeval Darkness, as well as emphasizing the importance or function of Catalyst.

 [AK3]The Matrix of the Spirit is defined here and explains why Typhon is depicted as a mythical beast, symbolizing the animalistic qualities as well as explaining why this card must be depicted as negative in nature.

 [AK4]The Death card could represent this learning, where by the flesh and bone of the animal is stripped away leaving the bones or the structure, pure unified abstract consciousness is realized and the spirit is awakened to higher thoughts and experiences.

 [AK5]That fine balance of give and take, honesty, integrity and fairness, The Hierophant or Significator of the Mind.

 [AK6]The Sun significator of the spirit  as illustrated by the union of the blessed Sun with Man and Woman each grasping one another, united and encircled with brothers and sisters of light, Where by all are perceived as Creator.

 [AK7]The universe card orGreat Way of the Spirit is here hinted at.

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