When will you choose to stand up and walk?!

Posted on June 10, 2011


When will you choose to stand up and walk?!

by Brandy Rox on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 11:13am

There comes a point in our lives when we have to decide that we will finally stand up and start walking toward that which is calling us. Some times when we see that thing far oft in the distance, it looks HUGE and frightening and busy and noisy maybe and you become frightened.

So you hide in the bushes. You sit in the shadows and you cower there. Everywhere you look, every noise you hear; every sound echos with the same thunderous clap that sent you in the shadows to begin with. And every time there is fear for there is something that seems so… intangible, or unwholey perhaps.

When we begin manifesting our life for our self, we take on the added responsibility/burden of becoming response-ABLE. That means, once you realize you have cowered for too long, and you have built up your courage enough to say that you are ABLE to face that HUGE thing that is not far oft… The choice then becomes, will you take the first step?

Are you strong enough to take a single step in that direction?

Once you are, then you will be ABLE to find the answer that you know all ready, which is…

what ever you will find will be something tangible and real and whole; just like this reality is. And whatever comes next will be something you can bear.  It will only be when you finally look back you will see truly how far you have come and how it really didn’t take any more courage than it does to take a single step then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Courage is what is needed to come out of the shadows in the first place and to begin to take up your walk. This is the choice we each have to make in our lives, every breath can be a chosen, conscious breath in and out, or it can be an unconscious reaction. WE each have a choice to face our fears and to heal that which is broken within us. Indeed, we all have the responsibility to begin to walk in ways that are most efficacious to our goals, those being divinity manifesting itself on Earth.

All it takes is a single step in that direction and we all will be forever changed.

May love and light guide you on your path to where you are heading!! Blessed Be!!!

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