Death – Transformation of the Body Explored

Posted on July 23, 2011


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77



Arcanum 13

Transformation: the act of changing in form or shape or appearance; a qualitative change

Death: departure from life

Skeleton: something reduced to its minimal form

Scythe or Sickle: a hand-held agricultural tool with a curved blade typically used for harvesting grain crop


What is the transformation of the body?

 “The Transformation of the Body is called Death, for with death the body is transformed to a higher vibrational body for additional learning.” – Don Elkins

 “…each moment and certainly each diurnal period of the bodily incarnation offers death and rebirth to one which is attempting to use the catalyst which is offered it.”– Ra, Session 81.13   The Law of One 


“…the Death card portrays symbolic death-a change or transformation. Often, it heralds the end of a familiar or more comfortable mode. It conveys a release which is necessary for growth and expansion. Perhaps it even brings a whole new set of principles which will guide you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically or financially. Joseph Campbell, author of A Hero with A Thousand Faces, describes times of personal change as periods when “The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for the passing of a threshold is at hand.” The sunrise depicted in the background of the Death card holds the promise of the transformation which is about to take place: the death of the old self, but also the dawning of a new day. The Death card is a cue that you are at a “threshold”-a crossing into a new phase, unbounded by the past.”- Geraldine Amaral


“Each seeker will experience each archetype in the characteristics within the complex of the archetype which are most important to it. An example of this would be the observation of the questioner that the Fool is described in such and such a way.”– Ra, Session 67.30   The Law of One 

My 2 sense

Once in meditation I had a sudden realization that has impacted my ideas about death until this point. I used to be afraid of this “death” that people feared on TV. Either Law and Order style or CSI, maybe ala Murder She Wrote, Medium, The Closer and I’m just scratching the surface here. So many shows on TV these days have to do with death and how fictional characters and even sometimes actual people are dealing with this very present phenomenon.

I can tell you that facing it in real life is quite another thing. In my experience, once my eyes where opened to the reality of this thing called death my first question was “Everyone is in on it!?”

I was unhappy at the idea of the veil being lifted too soon, but I didn’t understand why I felt that way. I wanted to continue with what I was doing in life and wasn’t ready to be reminded of the spirit world. Almost an “Oh I remember why I don’t want to remember now.” An odd realization considering I was actually quite shaken up once I really started to contemplate the implications of what I had experienced and the very real reality they represented. That the death I grew up fearing doesn’t exist. All it is in an exit. And theatre taught me that every exit is only an entrance to somewhere else.

I think death is a gift. It is a gift that we aren’t forever bound to flesh and bone. We play at life and our suits are the body, our avatars for the spirit. And the mind is a part of them both, somehow linking the infinite and intangible parts that are me with physical reality that I exist in.

When the body is no long useful or is becoming unviable, then this gift becomes even more evident. The gift of release and of the freedom of something deteriorated in exchange for new fresh and viable energy.

We experience give and take all throughout our lives. Every meal we consume must eventually leave our body and return to the earth where it came. So our very bodies will too return to the earth. To me, the transformation of the body represents that which reaps what it can from the experience, the raw minerals, essential elements.

The rainbow is the promise of return with no harm, from a somewhat biblical prospective, but also a totality of light but seen as individual colors of the spectrum. The skeleton is looking forward to the next life or experience to come. To transform, one must release the old form to embrace the new.

I imagine the tone of this card to be bittersweet in that although a tremendous work has been done, there is some sadness in the letting go; there is reward and joy for the lessons and also the anticipation of what is yet to come next.


Ra on Death

Session 30

Questioner: Upon our physical death, as we call it, from this particular density and this particular incarnative experience, we lose this chemical body. Immediately after the loss of this chemical body do we maintain a different type of body? Is there still a mind/body/spirit complex at that point?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The mind/body/spirit complex is quite intact; the physical body complex you now associate with the term body being but manifestation of a more dense and intelligently informed and powerful body complex.

Questioner: Is there any loss to the mind or spirit after this transition which we call death or any impairment of either because of the loss of this chemical body which we now have?

Ra: I am Ra. In your terms there is a great loss of mind complex due to the fact that much of the activity of the mental nature of which you are aware during the experience of this space/time continuum is as much of a surface illusion as is the chemical body complex.

In other terms nothing whatever of importance is lost; the character or, shall we say, pure distortion of emotions and biases or distortions and wisdoms, if you will, becoming obvious for the first time, shall we say; these pure emotions and wisdoms and bias/distortions being, for the most part, either ignored or underestimated during physical life experience.

In terms of the spiritual, this channel is then much opened due to the lack of necessity for the forgetting characteristic of third density.

Questioner: Thank you. Can you give me examples of catalytic action from the last session beginning with the self unmanifested producing learning catalyst?

Ra: I am Ra. We observed your interest in the catalyst of pain. This experience is most common among your entities. The pain may be of the physical complex. More often it is of the mental and emotional complex. In some few cases the pain is spiritual in complex-nature. This creates a potential for learning. The lessons to be learned vary. Almost always these lessons include patience, tolerance, and the ability for the light touch.

Very often the catalyst for emotional pain, whether it be the death of the physical complex of one other-self which is loved or other seeming loss, will simply result in the opposite, in a bitterness and impatience, a souring. This is catalyst which has gone awry. In these cases then there will be additional catalyst provided to offer the unmanifested self further opportunities for discovering the self as all-sufficient Creator containing all that there is and full of joy.

“The first body which activates itself upon death is the “form-maker” or the indigo-ray body. This body remains—you have called it the “ka”—until etherea has been penetrated and understanding has been gained by the mind/body/spirit totality. Once this is achieved, if the proper body to be activated is green-ray, then this will occur.”Ra, Session 47.11 , The Law of One


 Questioner: I am unsure as to whether this will provide an avenue of questioning that will be fruitful, but I will ask this question since it seems to me that there is a connection here.
On the back of the book, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, there are several reproductions of Egyptian drawings or works, some showing birds flying over horizontal entities. Could you tell me what this is and if it has any relationship to Ra?

Ra: I am Ra. These drawings of which you speak are some of many which distort the teaching of our perception of death as the gateway to further experience. The distortions concern those considerations of specific nature as to processes of the so-called “dead” mind/body/spirit complex. This may be termed, in your philosophy, the distortion of Gnosticism: that is, the belief that one may achieve knowledge and a proper position by means of carefully perceived and accentuated movements, concepts, and symbols. In fact, the process of the physical death is as we have described before: one in which there is aid available and the only need at death is the releasing of that entity from its body by those around it and the praising of the process by those who grieve. By these means may the mind/body/spirit which has experienced physical death be aided, not by the various perceptions of careful and repeated rituals.

“To me the in-between life plane, the so-called “dead” state is the most exciting sphere of existence I have encountered, because I believe there is much information to be obtained there that can be of great benefit to humankind. I believe people can come to realize that death is nothing to fear. When they face that time in their life, they can see that it is not a new experience but one they are well acquainted with. They, themselves, have

already performed it many times. They will not go into the great terrifying unknown, but to a familiar place they have already visited many, many times. A place that many call “home.” I hope people can learn to see birth and dying as evolutional cycles that each person goes through many times and are thus a natural part of their soul’s growth. After death there is life and existence

in the other planes that is just as real as the physical world they see around them. It may be even more real.” – Dolores Cannon, Between Death and Life

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