The Chariot – Symbolic Analysis

Posted on July 23, 2011


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77

The Chariot


Arcanum 19

Key Observations

  • The male or conscious creative energy focused is expressing the nature of experience by having its attention caught by what may be termed the left-hand catalyst. Meanwhile, the power, the magic, is available upon the right-hand path.
  • The orb of spiritual power and the staff[i]: We may note that there is an overriding spiritual environment and protection for the environment of the mind. We may further note that the negatively polarized adept will attempt to fashion that covenant for its own use whereas the positively polarized entity may hold forth that which is exemplified by the astrological sword; that is, light and truth.
  • The two sphinxes have, since the hierophant card, transformed and now pull the chariot forward.  Where before they were pointed in opposition. Now they face forward and pull the figure in unison without being tethered to the chariot itself. The sphinx has represented the element of time, the spirit ripening and learning as it moves through time.  He has taken the reins of his mind. Note that both sphinxes seem to be in the magical gesture .
  • The wings are repeated here from The Hierophant, The Sarcophagus, and The Wheel of Fortune cards. The Significator owns a covenant with the spirit which it shall in some cases manifest through the thought and action of the adept. If there is protection in a promise, then you have chosen the correct sound vibration, for the outstretched wings of spirit, high above manifestation, yet draw the caged mind onward.
  • The sphinxes are the movers of the Great Way of the Mind[1]. You may connote the concept of time to the image of the sphinx. The mental and mental/emotional complex ripens and moves and is transformed in time.[2] The position [left paw bent, right paw down] is intended to show two items, one of which is the dual possibilities of the time-full characters there drawn.
    The resting is possible in time, as is the progress. If a mixture is attempted, the upright, moving leg will be greatly hampered by the leg that is bent. The other meaning has to do with the same right angle, with its architectural squareness, as the device upon the breast of the actor.
    Time/space is close in this concept complex, brought close due to the veiling process and its efficaciousness in producing actors who wish to use the resources of the mind in order to evolve.[ii]
  • The veil: As one observes the veil of the image of the Great Way of Mind it may be helpful to ideate using the framework of environment. The Great Way of Mind, Body, or Spirit is intended to limn the milieu within which the work of mind, body, or spirit shall be placed. Thusly, the veil is shown both somewhat lifted and still present, since the work of mind and its transformation involves progressive lifting of the great veil betwixt the conscious and deep minds. The complete success of this attempt is not properly a portion of third-density work and, more especially, third-density mental processes.[iii]
  • Tau symbol: the use of the tau and the architect’s square is indeed intended to suggest the proximity of the space/time of the Great Way’s environment to time/space. The entire mood of the Great Way is indeed dependent upon its notable difference from the Significator. The Significator is the significant self, to a great extent but not entirely influenced by the lowering of the veil. The Great Way of the Mind, the Body, or the Spirit draws the environment which has been the new architecture caused by the veiling process and, thusly, dipped in the great, limitless current of time/space.

My two sense 

I sometimes dream I am driving my car, a little silver Saturn. After searching online dream symbol dictionaries, I settled on a meaning that felt close to right: dreaming of a car may represent the ability to get where you need to go. Your transportation. Perhaps even the ability to get there quickly, opposed to walking. Sounds simple enough. In another age, my idea of a car might be more like a chariot.

I imagine then this symbol might represent the minds ability to take us anywhere we want quickly. To propel us forward in a balanced way (the two sphinx). They aren’t bound to our chariot and their connection is not visible (why there is no tether on the sphinx) or can’t be seen, but it is there and it pulls us onward or in the direction we need to go. My dream car only runs on gas because I assume it does. In the chariot we have lil manimals and because they are black and white, represent a nature of the two polarities.

He is pointed toward the present moment, for he has found the now and rides through life in that way.  The gird of the chariot is adorned with the symbols of the Infinite One.  His feet are not visible but have been replaced with the swift mobility of the chariot. The old saying that time fly’s when you are having fun is somewhat analogous, in that when you are focused on your path, when you have found direction, there is seemingly nothing in your way. You are able to move past obstacles easily and quickly for you have both power and means. Decisions have been made, paths cleared and the time of travel, movement and getting things done is now.


Significance of the Sphinx

“SPHINX- The sphinx was named “Hamarkhis” by the Egyptians. It was built long before the pyramids and predates the Ancient Egyptian dynasties – although this is not accepted by the Egyptian authorities, despite solid scientific proof! In its original form it had the head and torso of a female figure and the body of a lion-like animal. A beard (now missing) was added later and the “breasts” removed at some stage to turn it into a masculine-type figure, possibly during early dynastic times. It was built facing the rising sun, witnessing it’s’ (RA’s) rising and rebirth each day. The sphinx remains a mystery and enigma to many, its true significance and importance probably not yet being fully realized, and so it signifies therefore the riddle and conundrum of human existence. It is believed to sit over a series of hidden rooms and tunnels that link the Outer Earth to the cities of the Inner Earth and to the halls where records and libraries of information are kept which hold the key to human life and purpose and the entire history of Earth (past, present and future). The torso also rather resembles a Hathor, one of a race of beings from as Ascended intergalactic civilization which was active in helping form the early Egyptian civilization. These Beings came from another Universe through the star Sirius, which may be used as an inter-dimensional portal or gateway. In our solar system the Hathors have a base within the Etheric realms of the planet Venus. I feel that there is a strong “off-planet” influence in the Sphinx’s creation and in its purpose and that it has the possibility for connecting us to civilizations from other worlds and dimensions and that the secrets it hides will be shortly revealed. The key to unlocking the secrets of the sphinx are to do with working with the breath and with sound in a very specific way.”                                                                                                                                                                                                               –

Modern key words for the chariot:

Conquest —– Honor —– Victory —– Energy

Egocentrism —– Self confidence —– Conviction —– Anxiety

Willpower —– Self assertion —– Hard control —– Discipline

Inflexibility —– Success —– Wealth —– Recognition

Impulsivity —– Command —– Bravery —– Pride

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[i] The Staff is that of the hierophant and when comparing the two, the stance of man in the chariot is a triangle (the symbol of transformation) where as the hierophant was locked in the 3rd density illusion. This is the symbol of the triple cross and is one of the symbols used in the office of the Pope, who is the global head of the Roman Catholic church. Each mark is symbolic level of devotion – meaning: 1)the Father, 2)the Son, 3)the Holy Ghost. This staff is another sign of the Hierophant’s authority and his supreme status. This symbol reinforces the Hierophant’s responsibility of the spiritual well-being of the people. The staff, (as well as the keys, and the hand blessing) are all external signs that the Hierophant is more than qualified to extol spiritual advice and leadership to the people.[i]]

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