The Journey Visulization

Posted on July 23, 2011


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The Journey Visualization


Please, gently close your eyes and allow your imagination to take you to a place where there is no
trouble or worry. A place where there is infinite beauty, stillness and peace. Let it appear to you, in
your mind’s eye, crisp and clear without much effort. In fact the more you relax, the more you enjoy
the ride, the easier it will be, the more vivid and dreamlike you will be.

First, let your mind find itself a forest. What does your forest look like? What are the smells and sights?
Take notice of the time of day. What is the weather like?

Somewhere in your forest, a path appears before you. You see it; take note of it and when you are
ready make your way along your path.

As you are walking, you come across a wall. What does the wall look like? How do you feel about this
wall, what happens for you?

When you are ready, you make your way again along your path and the next thing you come to is a
bear. How do you react to the bear? How does it react to you? What happens? What kind of bear is it?

Once you feel ready, return to your path. While you’re walking you manage to stumble across a key.
Now that you have found it, what do you do? What kind of key is it? What does it look like? How do
you react to it?

Just past the key, you see a book. What kind of book is it, how does it look? What do you think about it
or how do you react to it?

Next thing you discover on your lovely stroll through the forest is a coin. See it clearly in your mind. See
the details of it. What do you do? How do you react to it?

When you are ready, you walk on and find a box in the forest. What do you do with this box? Do you
open it? What does it look like and how does it make you feel?

Just past the box you find a cup. What is your reaction? What do you do with this cup? What is it like?
How does it look?

Beyond the cup and when you are ready you come across a body of water. What sort of water is it?
Image it in a much detail as you are given.

When you are ready and if you feel comfortable, please imagine a dwelling. A place where a being
could live, perhaps but it can be anything. It can be man-made or natural. How ever it looks to you.

Now if it is possible, and you feel comfortable, enter the dwelling. Describe it. What is it like? How do
you feel about it?

The Meanings

The Forest represents your perception of life. How you feel about what your life is. What the
atmosphere is like.

The Time of Day represents where you are in your life; the energy that is around you now. Is it day or
night? Day to be conscious, night to be unconscious.

The Temperature is exactly that, how temperate you perceive the climate of your life to be now. It is stormy or
calm? Warm or cold?

The Path represents how you see your path in life. Is it curved or straight? Is it wide or narrow? What was the path made of? What direction where you in?

The Wall represents how you perceive challenges in your life. What is your initial reaction? How does
it make you feel? How do you eventually continue past the wall?

The Bear represents your perception of fear. What kind of bear is it? How do you react to the bear?

The Key represents knowledge. How do you treat the key? Where do you put it? What does it open?

The Book represents information and self-discovery or the story of this life. What sort of book is it? Is it a good read? What color is it?

The Coin represents self-worth. Is it an old coin or new? What is it made of? What do u know
about this coin? Is it valuable? What do you do with it?

The Box represents how you perceive receiving your gifts. What sort of box was it? Did you open it?

The Cup represents relationships and love. What is the cup made of? What is your reaction to the cup? How do you use it?

The Body of Water is representative of sexuality. Is it an enormous ocean or a babbling brook?

The Dwelling is how you perceive or imagine death to be. What is your dwelling like and how do you
feel when you see it?

If you are able to see inside or go inside your dwelling this represents your perception of the
hereafter or the afterlife. What is it like there? How does it feel inside to you?

There are no wrong answers only ideas about these concepts. Images can reveal the true meaning of
things for oneself and oneself only. Peace be with you all ways.

i: Credit for this visualization is given to Darryl Anka at