Second Approach: Introduction to the Matrix and Potentiators: Guided Meditation Series Part 1.

Posted on January 7, 2012


“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77

Second Approach:

Introduction to the Matrix and Potentiators: Guided Meditation Series Part 1.

Before you begin,

please prepare a peaceful, quite place for working and set aside some time for taking down information that you receive. This meditation is rather long and may take 30 minutes or more to complete.
If you are having trouble remember, there is no “right or wrong’ thing to see. Just make it up. Whatever comes to mind first. Tell yourself a story, make up a person and describe them. 

Matrix of the Mind

You will imagine that you are in a very large temple, in the main room. You can see clearly the decorative accouterments, you marvel at the beauty of the place. You look at the decorative artwork at the center of the floor when you notice two feet before your eyes. They travel upward and land on the book keeper of this place. He tells you that you have to go to the room, down the hall and to the right if you want to find what you are looking for. So you follow the path he explained and you hear him whisper to another customer that “they are all waiting for that one.”

You walk down to see that you are greeted by a room full of people, 12 to be exact.  Each one is eager to introduce themselves to you. They each have a name and relate to you in different ways.

You wait in the center of the circle as the first one introduces himself to you and tells you that he represents the “matrix of the mind”.

How does this man look?

What can you tell about him? What does he tell you about himself?

Spend a few minutes listening to what he has to say.

Take a moment and write down everything that you imagined. Thank the person for introducing themselves and them move on to the next person.


How did I imagine the Matrix of the Mind?

I was introduced to a little bald man, with black hair on the temples named “Bartholomew”, a mid-century monk. He wore brown robes with white chords tied round his waist. He was busy. He had things to do. Books and labs set up all over the place. He is wise. He knows all sorts of things. He says, “my baldness is a sign of my virility.” He thinks of himself quite the stud muffin. He has a friendly, gentle disposition and is super helpful in many ways. Really helpful. He knows stuff and people often come to him for things because he loves to be helpful. He wants more than anything to be free. He feels like he has dues to pay. Things to do before he can be done with all this and on to bigger and better things.  He had stacks and stacks of books and things all over the place but seems to know exactly what he is doing and seems to have everything under control. Organized chaos of sorts. I like him immediately. 

Matrix of the Body

Before you next stands woman and she tells you she is here to represent the “matrix of the body”.

Look at her. What does she look like?

What color hair, eyes, describe her.

What can you tell about her? What does she tell you about herself?

Where is she? What does she want to show you?

Spend a few moments with her and let her explain herself.

Take a moment and write down everything that you imagined. Thank the person for introducing themselves and them move on to the next person.

How did I imagine the Matrix of the Body?

I saw a little blonde girl with tight ringlet curls who looked a little bit like Bette Midler. She was super cute, and could sing and act and dance. Like a young hot Bette Midler. She is friendly and upbeat, cracks lots of jokes. She says her name is Loretta. She says she looks just like the HighPriestess only in the flesh. She says, “I know that that means. ” She’s a doll. 

Matrix of the Spirit

The room grows dark and at first you see only the darkness.

What do you imagine?

Can you see anything there in the darkness with you?

Is there a figure there?

Are there symbols?

What do you encounter in the darkness? What do you know about this place? What are you told.

Know that you are safe, feel that you are only looking upon one of your limbs. Write down everything you see or feel or experience. Make note of all feelings equally, there is no judgement, all feelings and thoughts are valuable. The move on to the next person.

How did I imagine the Matrix of the Spirit?

The first thing I saw in the darkness was smoke. I relate to this personally and know what kind of smoke this is. But this symbols relates to me personally because it represents a part of myself that I, to some degree keep in the darkness.Then after a few minutes, I started getting more ideas. I saw a black figure that could be either male or female but seemed more feminine, almost feline in nature. Sex didn’t matter much. It had a large sparkly green emerald as an eye. It wore a black cloak with a red triangle tipped collar. It was absolutely free; it had no limits, no boundaries, and never said ‘No’. It wants to experience everything, feel everything, consume and devour everything. It wants to be inside everyone, just like the light is. It is jealous of the light.  It want’s a say, it wants a voice. I says, “this is why pupils must be black, so that you can be fully receptive and absorbent for the light.” It says,'”I have a noble purpose also, I have a reason for being that is worthy of being that does not require fear.” It says, “I am necessary.” 

Potentiator of the Mind

The next person you encounter tells you they represent the potentiator of the mind.

What do you see?

Describe her. What does she look like?

What do you know about her? What does she tell you about herself?

Spend some time with her. Let her tell you about herself. Write down what you see and what she shows you.

When you are ready, move on to the next person.

How did I imagine the Potentiator of the Mind?

I saw a woman who was made of light. Like if the metal, gold where alive and swirling like the sun. She was radiant. Infinite and balanced. Rooted between two things that were like pillars. Behind here was limitless space. I loved her like I love my mom. Her body was like a swirling sun. She was so immense. Almost indescribable. 

Potentiator of the Body

The next person that appears before you, tells you he’s your sage.

He introduces himself and tells you a little about himself.

What does he look like? What kind of characteristics does he have?

Describe him.

What do you know about him? What does he tell you about himself?

Write down some ideas and then when you are ready move on to the next person.

How did I imagine the Potentiator of the Body?

My sage was Sargent Reginald P. Jepsem. He is a very large,very black Drill Sargent in dress browns. He has a large, sharp brim on his hat. He loves to tell people to, “get down and press wood!”. I met him before. He helped me to figure out a way to discipline my teenage son when he wasn’t doing his chores. He told me to tell him to do push-ups. I would say it in my most stern, black man voice. I love this guy. He helps me get through hard things. Things that I couldn’t or don’t think I could do on my own. He has so much energy and patience and determination. He is an inspiring, devoted individual. I am proud to know him. 

Potentiator of the Spirit

The next person that appears before you and explains that they are here to represent the potentiator of spirit.

You see exactly what they look like. And you begin to describe them.

What do you know about this person?

What are they telling you about their self?

How do you know them?

Describe what you see. Whatever it is that you imagine is alright. There is no right or wrong answers here.

Take a moment to right down what you see.

Thank all of the guides who came to show you what you asked to see. Rejoice in the love and light of the one infinite creator. Blessings be.

How did I imagine the Potentiator of the Spirit?

I was introduced to someone who looked like Gandalf the Grey. Very long white hair, and beard, Sean Connery looking with grey robes. He was very powerful and not to be trifled with. But very gentle and kind. I get the scene in LOTR where Gandalf gets angry with Bilbo and grows really large and his voice gets all puffed up but then he calms down because he is really only trying to help. He is genuine. He is a protector. He cares about me. He wants only the best possible thing. I think of Zeus and Thor, this guy is a God like them, but he acts like a regular, normal, sweet old man, a traveler. 

Tell everyone what you saw. We would love to hear it. Please leave us a comment.