My two sense: The Magician (post meditation)

Posted on January 10, 2012


Here is how my meditation went and the resulting artwork.



Magician Questions

When answering questions, it is important to go with the first thing that comes too you no matter what it is. Write it out or draw it so you can remember more details. Be as specific as you can be. There are no right or wrong answers only new ideas to uncover/discover.


What can you tell me about the man? Looks, demeanor, anything that came to mind. Be as specific as necessary.

 The man I imagined was a mixture of all the most beautiful men I have ever loved or crushed on in my life. He was beautiful and inspired a strong love feeling for me.  But I couldn’t really see his face exactly. He was kinda golden and shiny underneath, like his skin was made of shiny light.   

 What can you tell me about the orb? What hand was it in? What did you see when you looked at it?

It was in his right hand and at first glance it was very large, it took up most of my view but then I saw that it was just a glow, the heart of it was much smaller; it was so bright and radiant like a little dense sun ball you couldn’t look directly at it for too long. I could see that it has like a thin field around it that makes the outer shield seems so large. It’s like reflecting light.

What does the container look like? Where is it in relation to the man?

 The container is at his feet and at first I imagined like an urn or a large ceramic wine jar but then I imagined like a place almost built into the wall like a little brick oven but no fire or anything; just dark, quiet and still. The top of it was an arch of white and black bricks.

 What lives inside the container? What is its demeanor and how does it relate to the man?

 I see a nest first with a black and white egg inside. The bird is a small white dove and it has flown out of the cage and on to the shoulder of the man.