Are you studying the Archetypes?

Posted on March 22, 2012


I want to hear from you! Join our Facebook group Archetypal Mind Study on Facebook. I don’t normally advertise this blog or push the page anywhere, but I have some ideas that require others who are learning too. I want to hear your ideas to help add fresh perspectives to the mix. Also I am looking for anyone who has created original art specifically related to each archetype. I am interested in creating a gallery of images from anyone and everyone who wants to be apart so that we may perhaps glean wisdom from one another 🙂

Are you an archetype blogger and want to be link share? Comment here. I would like to build a directory by archetype.

Oh and if you haven’t yet decided to start…A friend on Facebook asked me to take a moment write whatever intuitively came to me regarding the archetypes so that he might “begin this study that may be fruitful and empowering.”

My response was this:

…Having other people to discuss ideas with is really helpful, I think, to pinning down or inspiring new meanings.

One thing to consider is that each person will interpret symbols in their own way, so IMHO it is more helpful to be aware of the ideas YOU have and look to them for insight into how balanced/imbalanced your perspective might be. Then use your intuition to help guide the study. I find it helpful to pray or take a min to focus or shields up whatever you call it, so that when you are taking the time to work, you put yourself in an open, peaceful and grounded state.

Also, (if you plan on using the deck from LOO) look at the orientation or configuration of the symbols in the image and how they relate to the main figure. Pay attention to where the feet are placed, for example, or the differences between the symbols on left side of the figure and the right. After that, once you get a feel for each card (and as you progress) it will start to become clear that symbols in each cycle are specific and repeat within the same cycle. For example, in the mind cycle (cards 1-7) we are shown the bird symbol repeatedly, in different places (like in the cage in card 1 the magician) or in the chest of the garment of (card 4 the emperor). And so another level of understanding emerges as you start to relate them to one another.

For me, the more I learn, the more I see there is to learn so I in no way consider myself to be an expert on the subject. If you have any questions or want someone to bounce ideas off of, I am here to help. One more thing I feel the need to mention before closing is,

The result, I think, is being able to use this wisdom to take the wheel more and more in our lives. The first stage, then, of the study is more to acquaint yourself with the ideas; as those ideas become more and more grounded you begin to see how they can be useful tools for navigating life and even creating or manifesting things in your life. Good luck to you! Enjoy and try not to take anything to seriously  Be light-hearted and it will be fun.



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