Unlikely Inspiration – a personal note

Posted on March 29, 2012


Just sharing some thoughts that have been reoccurring…

The past two weeks, or so, I have been feeling extremely pleased, satisfied even. When I started writing about the archetypes (in 2007), trying to research things online, it seemed only a small few had posted anything about it and finding information specifically about the LOO archetypes was extremely limited. This lack of attention to what I considered to be an interesting subject, at least on the internet, was one of the primary motivations for me to do the work I have on this topic.

A few months ago, David Willcock briefly mentioned the archetype study in a video. People are writing essays, painting pictures, blogging, and now, L&L has dedicated a whole forum section to the discussion.

I feel a sense of gratitude and excitement to be apart of a little movement toward adepthood. I don’t know how to put this, so I’m just gonna say it. I hope that any contributions I have made are helpful, but I know they only lay a foundation. To open the door and hopefully to inspire.

In high school, I was a theater kid. Freshman year I spent a TON of time studying Shakespeare. There was this particular project where we choose monologues and had to perform them. One of the other girls choose a piece from King Henry VI part III’s Queen Margret and her performance never left me.

You see, the actress had gotten it all wrong. It was obvious to me that she didn’t really understand what she was saying because the emphasis was incorrect. Where the character was being malicious, she played it as angry. Where the Queen was being devious, she was confused or upset. She had memorized the words, but didn’t really grasp the meaning or how it related to the rest of the play.

So later on in the year, when the time came for me to choose a monologue again, I choose Queen Margret. It was due solely to the other girls confused performance that I knew how to do it right. Seeing her try and come up short was my inspiration, my muse and I ended up placing third in my division among a hundred or so other students when performing at an multi-state Shakespeare competition.

This lesson was helpful for me and is probably while I feel tremendous comfort knowing that I may be the one who got it all wrong first when I started writing on this subject but it is SOOOO worth it if it might inspire those who really know to do it right to share it with the world.

So that’s it. 🙂 Love to you and thanks for reading if you did.

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