Archetype Study Tips

Posted on July 3, 2012



It has been a few years since I first took up this study. There is much I have learned and much more to learn but along the way there have been a few things that helped me to better gain clarity when dealing with what can become such tedious and baffling work.

  • Be mindful of what you are attempting to learn every moment of your life. Every thought is being offered to you, it is not you. Choose thoughts wisely.
  • Pay attention to the thoughts you have at the moment of waking. What goes on in your mind in the earliest moments of your day?
  • When you feel uneasy or pain, find a mantra. A soothing phrase that can be repeated. Feel how the words inspire a change of energy in your body.
Scrying Map

Hold your pendulum over a map like this and ask away.

  • Learn YES from NO. Feel the difference in your body by sensing the subtle energies. A good exercise for this is to sit in a quiet place, still your mind and silently ask yourself questions. Start by asking what NO feels like. Observe any sensations or feelings. Then ask what YES feels like. Then pay attention because there is a change instantly.  For me, a NO can feel like a heavy weight on my heart or the left side of my chest. A YES feels, light and sometimes downright exciting.)  If you need tools, try using a pendulum and map. Visualization can also help here. Imagine a barometer in your mind when you ask. The less attached to an outcome you are when you ask, the more accurate you will be.
  • Tune yourself vibrationally before starting any work. And by work, I mean when you are studying, prepare yourself first by putting your self in a vibrational harmony with the information you are about to receive. Creating your own ritual can help here. Turn on your favorite soothing music or light some incense, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, call a column of light to protect you, say the Lords Prayer, pray on your own, or don’t pray at all, but put your awareness on being protected and safe and loved beyond measure. Create a safe space for yourself to be quiet and ponder. Everything teaches.
  • Set time aside to ponder and listen. This whole process takes a lot of time to sink in and sometimes even when you get a handle on it (or you think you do) life tells you otherwise. The other side of the coin here is, there will be times when it will demand your time and consideration. Life will shake you from the comfort of your normal reality when you start asking questions about the archetypes in particular. You may become witness to strange events or situations that relate to the concepts being explored. The only way to do this gracefully, is to be constantly vigilant and aware that every aspect of reality is here to test or teach and likely a little of both.
  • Listen to your dreams. Tell them to someone so that they will be remembered or say them out loud to yourself, retracing in your own words. This will help you to discover your inherent personal symbolism. Your subconscious paints a picture only for you. Listen to what you are being taught.
  • Relax and try not to be too serious about all of this stuff. After all, it is hard to play and pretend when your too serious. Relaxed, playful, light, fun, open excitement is the most effective way to call upon the imagination. Let go. Feel the flow. Have fun. Take it slow.
  • There are no right or wrong answers here, only lessons.
  • Understanding takes perspective; to change your vantage point you have to move from where you are to see from the new point of view.

Hope these ideas help you on your path toward understanding and integrating the great lessons of the cosmos into your everyday life. Blessed be.