Musing on Mental Clarity, Meditation and Manifestation of Thought

Posted on October 12, 2012


All around us, people are talking about meditation, manifestation and how this is somehow linked to our minds and our thinking. People are beginning to notice more and more that how they are is reflected in the world they observe and vise versa. In the same way the sky and sea reflect one another, so to we reflect and are a reflection of our perceptions and vibrations thereof.

Reflection is so important, so inherent and basic, so pervasive that we hardly notice how often it is being observed. How often do you notice reflections? When every where you look, there are mirrors.

Test this theory and see what I mean.

  • Choose a section of space, wherever you are while you read this.
  • Simply turn your head in that direction and tell you what you see. (I will do it too, btw) For me, I can see my kitchen where I have Kalua Pig stewing away in a crock-pot and it was the first thing I notice and the thought in my mind was “I have something cooking,” and I felt really happy about it. And somehow, this is also a reflection of how I feel right at this moment about writing this blog. I feel like I’m cooking up something tasty here too.
  • Observe the space and while you do so, also observe the thoughts that pop to mind. You don’t have to put thoughts there, they come in all by themselves and are offered as a vibration match to you. So, if you observe a mess or something that you don’t want first, consider the vibration you are projecting/reflecting byway of your thinking.

You may not see a connection right away, sometimes it takes perspective to see something. I suspect that I won’t fully realize how everything fits till the end of this life, but I hope that isn’t the case. I would love to be able to discover how all this works and share what I have learned with whoever will listen. And I didn’t really think I would be a teacher, in fact I remember saying as a child “I NEVER want to be a teacher” but I think I meant I didn’t want to teach elementary school. And more often than not, when I was a child, manifestations came very easily for me and I would bet the same is true for everyone. The phrase I NEVER is just as powerful, it seems, as I WILL because, I suppose, there is so much energy attached to the emotions. You see, we not only bring thoughts into our reality, we also bring energy and once that energy is here it has to go somewhere, it can not just not exist; it’s out there. So it is in our best interest to give the energies we manifest conscientious direction. Bring about the highest possible good by setting intentions.

Mindfulness is a funny term to me because when I think of the best configuration of my mental space, a silent mind is what I experience. It isn’t always silent of course, but there isn’t constant chatter either. Once in a while I will get funny thoughts about things I am observing or direction when I ask for it, but for the most part, it is quite peaceful and still in my mind at all times, thereby allowing me to be mindful with the time comes for that. The more present we are in our day to day chores, the more silent mind becomes, the more bright, vibrant and loud the world becomes. Life is constantly spinning and screaming with life; it is absolutely amazing to me. Everything seems like a miracle. How is it I am so blessed to be surrounded with so many things that I love all the time? How is it I am so incredibly blessed to be able to exist and to question what that even is or means? Mental clarity is achieved at first through diligence and practice, but then it becomes the status quo. Thoughts are like little gifts sometimes. And if you are paying attention, sometimes you can feel them coming on, like a sneeze. God bless you!

If you so choose to listen and observe, the world around you will respond to your thoughts and thinking through an instantaneous reaction. I experience validation through objective coincidence. An Example: I am thinking or speaking a declarative or inquisitive thought and in perfect time a horn honks in the distance or dog barks, a timer goes off or cell phone beeps; something happens to confirm and validate that thought. Pay attention to this sort of external validation. Creation is communicating with you all the time if you are listening for it.

And if you are always listening, then in a way, you are always meditating. But there are many forms of meditation. My personal favorite form of meditation is visualization exercises (if you hadn’t noticed). But today, I want to talk more about a deeper form of meditation, one that might help aid in keeping hold of the vibration you want first, then we will speak a little about how we can use visualization exercises in manifestation.

Intentional Vibration Training through Meditation Exercise 1

This exercise focuses on changing your vibration in the body through intentional thought while strengthening awareness in the subtle energies of the body.


Arrange yourself in a comfortable configuration. Draw your attention to the body as it is at this very moment. If you notice anything uncomfortable, shift position until you are completely comfortable, upright is preferred but not required.Once comfort in the body has been achieved (or as close to it as you can get), rest into that feeling. Really feel the comfort. Let it fill up your heart space and every nook and cranny of your body. Imagine the comfort is so full inside your body that it is seeping out your pours, beaming from the smile on your lips, and radiating out of you like a fire ball. Breathe into the feeling of comfort. Now, switch your attention from comfort to one situation, person or event that is causing you negative feelings or emotions. Feel how there is an instant change in sensation in the body. Feel where this situation, person or event rests in your body. NOTE: just pay attention to any feelings that arise and where they originate in the body.

Now, remember the vibration of comfort, remember the feeling and bring that energy right to the origin of the sensation in the body. Let the comfort sink in deep. Allow yourself to let go of that painful or uneasy vibration and slip easily back into comfort and peace in the body. Comfort and peace. Know that you can at anytime, feel comfort and peace about any situation, no matter how painful. You are that powerful.

Intentional Vibration Training through Meditation Exercise 2

This exercise is slightly more advanced and is used to strengthen awareness, harness control and direct the flow of subtle energy for a purpose.


Arrange your body in a comfortable position. Start with relaxing the body through slow and intentional breathing. Bring your attention to your heart center. Simply observe the sensations in the body as you breathe and focus on your heart. Let your mind still and fee for the current, the pumping of the heart. Feel the lull of the repeating pattern that beats in your chest. Seek the beat of your heart letting it spread to your limbs, radiating outward. Now, think of something on this Earth that you love. Something that exists in your life whereby the very thought of it evokes the feeling of love for you. Pay attention to the shift of sensations in your sphere of awareness. If thoughts arise or there are only excuses where an idea should be, then you have some spiritual work to do to clear out or identify and address whatever is causing this resistance. Once you are able to put love in your heart center and hold it there for any length of time, you will grow in power.

As you progress, you can do this practice throughout the day. Hold love in your heart center consciously and with intention. Create a space for this energy to exist with you until there is no need to practice as it becomes automatic. You can take time and place gratitude in your heart center for a few moments to feel the difference in vibration. Humility, Wisdom, Peace, Kindness, etc.. are also powerful ideas and vibrations that you can learn to recognize through this conscious practice and may be helpful at different moments in life, but for me the default emotion is love.

The aforementioned exercises both deal with learning to identify and then consciously manifest different vibrations within the body. Once we realize that we have a conscious choice as to how we feel, we are free to experience all other emotions without fear because we know they are only temporary and we have the power to change it at any time. To have control of the self encompasses being the driver of both the mind and the body. The inner workings of your mental place is in your control and by consciously directing your thoughts, you can physically feel change in the body. Your body is a living breathing thing and you can change how it feels by choosing a thought. If a thought is powerful enough to do that, imagine what else thoughts alone can change.

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