The White Room: Exercises for Connecting with Spirit, Your Divine Guidance System, and More

Posted on December 19, 2012


Have you ever been to the white room?

If you have then you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t yet been there yet, perhaps you will one day and then the idea will become clear for you.

To me, the white room is a space. Like you might imagine, you can travel any place you want by simply thinking of it, however it is much easier imagine places you have already been. Such is the case with the ‘white’ room. It is a space where there is very very much light. Bright white light but it also feels like a place. A physical space. Not when I open my eyes, but when I look through my mind’s eye it is just as real and in my body, I feel like I’m there.

I have imagined for you a brief series of meditations to guide you there, for those of you who wish to travel. But first, why would anyone want to go to the white room, you ask? I was told this is the place where we can prepare to contact spirit. If you want to speak to someone who has passed, or your guide or anyone from a non-physical perspective really. Kind suggestion, it is wise to enter the white room without expectation and with calm, peaceful reverence for the profundity of the space. A respectful, loving nature is requested.

If you have not traveled to that vibration before it may be more challenging to reach this place at first, but once you have the ‘key’ then you will find it easier and faster to connect. The key being finding the right vibration… it is literally a ‘key’ or note even… though we can’t hear it with our ears, we play it with our very being. Vibration makes sound. Once you learn to play your instrument, you get to play with the band, so to speak…more like you get to play with the grand orchestration of the universe. You actually get to play your part in the score.

So, following that general analogy, fine-tuning your instrument is important or key to finding your way around the universe in general. Music, energy, sound, matter, light… these things describe the same thing. They describe you… Who you are…. What you are made of. And all the things that are apart of creation, the very extension of your own vibration. What makes you YOU and not me is vibration. We are tuned in a different way and have been honed or wrought in an artful, careful way to play the part only we could play in the way only we could play it. You are indispensable in the unraveling of things and the whole universe could not exist if you were not apart of it.

If you know this and you want to go with me to the white room, I will take you there with these meditations. As always, please prepare a quiet working space surrounded by any objects that help you to feel centered, safe, grounded and at peace.

First, please take a few deep breaths, shake awake your body and prepare for a few short visualization exercises.

Close your eyes or turn your attention to your imagination. Please imagine a beautiful, serene forest. You are standing in a river bed where water is trickling down, slowly under your feet. And as you watch the trickling water, you see flow beginning to grow. The water grows steadily and faster beneath your feet. The flow grows and grows until the current begins to pull on you. You let go and flow forward with the current of the river as it sweeps you through the forest. The water is flowing you forward and all around you is fresh beautiful, green trees and bushes, cool, crisp air, fresh breeze…

You turn your attention away from the forest and on to the stream beneath your feet. You trace the stream with your eyes and follow how it flows. Flow with the water down the river, ride the waves, feel the pull of the water… dragged comfortably  easily by the current, flowing, swimming in the current… Onward you spill with the water until you come to the edge of a cliff, a waterfall and then you flow downward, pouring downward with the water down, and it flows down, down, down… All… the… way…. down…. you begin to see the large pool at the bottom, the crystal clear golden, warm pool of light growing coming closer. You flow down into the golden light as the pool of engulfs you, surrounding you in its warm, golden arms. You swim this warm, gooey, golden light until your attention is pulled toward the bright hot white spot in the very center of the pool. You peer deeper and deeper into the pool…diving deeper into the bright, white hot center, looking for the core of this brilliant, light; the bright shining star in the center of your belly.

Next, we will draw the attention into the body. Point your awareness on the body. Feel what it feels like to be in YOUR body at this time. Address any immediate physical concerns before continuing. (i.e. go potty, get your water, rub your shoulder or foot, whatever, take a break here.)

Be comfortable while you imagine, if you will, your body as a very large magnet. Take a moment to turn your full attention to your body for a moment. Feel how perhaps one part of your body pulls in energy (attracts), or repels, and another simply radiates outward like waves flowing outward into the world.

Focus your attention on something. An object of some kind; you can do this throughout the day. Hold your attention for a moment or two on anything really, but choose something inanimate. Something important to you, like a nick knack or keepsake or something. Place it on the table in front of you and feel if you have a magnetic attraction to it in someway. The attraction sensation might manifest itself in various ways but pay attention to how you feel when you focus your attention upon it. You might feel a pulling or a repealing, or you might feel radiant toward it. Sometimes it is a combination of these feelings when we have mixed emotions, thoughts or feelings about things.

Feelings being physical sensational experiences and emotions being the energy manifest to express the things we are thinking and feeling. When you hold the object, feel negative or positive attraction, or do you feel love and radiance toward the object. Once you feel radiance, it looses it’s attract/repel power. It looses it’s magnetism for you.

If you feel a feeling, it is a part of your internal divine guidance system. If you are thinking a thought, it has been offered or constructed through conscious or unconscious expression of what is being witnessed or observed, at any given moment from your perspective and those around you. The thought might be wordless, that is to say, vibration alone, with sound oft, but nearly inaudible sometimes. In fact, you sing or ring a note at all times while you are alive. We all emit high-frequency waves into the universe as well as receive them.  Try to hear your own note.

The note can help you find the white room because as we all know, sound is powerful. Sound can move matter.  Knowing and being able to tap into your own note, or vibration is VERY USE-FULL. Once you are aware of your own note, you can learn to sing a clear, rich full-bodied tone of the finest quality. A strong note with a little bravado and character; an honest note; a beautiful sound. Have you ever thought about the sound your life is making? Listen then to the world around you for the answer. Listen for confirmation from the universe. Begin to pay attention to the signs. Follow the excitement. It is always there if you look for it and excitement will lead you to your bliss. What does your bliss sound like?

One careful suggestion before we traverse the universe: ponder the information received from your own intuition. Soak all the ripe, juicy catalyst in and let it nourish you on the path. And keep walking onward, letting go of all the things that no longer serve you.

One more suggestion before we make our final journey through imagination to the white room and it is this: tapping into high levels of vibration have varying effects on people. I have come to learn in this life that too much darkness at one time is overwhelming and so is too much light. Not everyone is ready for this sort of experience, so if you are reading this, use your own judgement. Once you travel there, it will become easier to tap into these things. Some will find instantaneous results.  Some might need to work their way up.

There is no right or wrong way to do it.

That said. Let us begin.

Place yourself in a comfortable configuration. Let your hair down, relax, breathe deeply. In and out. Listening to the sound of the world around you. Breathing in clean, fresh air deeply and slowly into your lungs. Pay attention to the music of your environment. Feel the sensations in your body. Feel, if you will, the buzzing life in your limbs. The warmth emanating from your bodies horizons. Feel where your body begins and ends, fill the full space of your body with awareness.

If you experiences any discomfort, shake out your tension, release any stresses, unburden all your muscles.

Smell the world around you. Smell the smells of your environment. What does your world smell like?

Draw your attention now back to your body. Remember the waterfall flowing down into the pool of warm, glowing light. See the center of the bright light glowing brighter. As it does this you begin to hear a sound. Listen for the sound of silence. Listen for the sound above all the others, see the bright hot star glowing, growing, and glowing and growing and glowing and you hear the note louder and louder and the star glows brighter and brighter until you are seated in the center of the brightest-white-full light.

Hear the note, if you will, and if you can, ring out your note in harmony with the world around you. Focus your attention on your ring…Let yourself feel the feeling of ringing out your own personal bodies vibration loud enough for the world to hear.

And then drop it back down to almost a whisper… then back up to normal vibration. Allow yourself to recalibrate naturally to the comfortable decibel.

Imagine the brightest, whitest light and let it get brighter, hear your note ring higher, feel your body vibrate a little higher. Imagine turning a dial up a little higher and the white all around you gets whiter. And you hear the note getting higher, and you feel your vibration getting higher. Feel with your feet how you are grounded but with your heart, mind and soul you are soaring higher surrounded by bright white light. Imagine you turn the dial up to the highest white you can comfortably see. And stand in the center of this white light. Feel the wide dimensions of the space. Feel how it feels safe and solid and secure. Feel the love emanating from all around you. Now gaze across the room. You might be alone or you begin to see the outline or shape of a person or people beginning to appear. As they move closer toward you, they begin to take form…see them standing before you. Trust what you are getting. Pay attention to what you experience.

When you experience the white room, you will feel so incredibly light, immense and radiant. There is a note when you are there. There is a sound. Once you hit the note once, you can ring that note again with practice and in time you will be ringing when it is useful to do so. Once you can clearly imagine this place, you can visit when you need. Some may choose to use this meditation to contact spirit in service to others or for the self to connect with higher-dimensional planes. Please remember to hold yourself in state of harmonious resonance. Love and light to you on your path. And as always. Love All Ways.