Musings on Relationships and Reflections of Archetypes Part 2: Catalyst and Experience

Posted on February 17, 2013





*The standard disclaimer on holding true to your own perspective still stands. Take what rings true, leave behind that which is not harmonious with your own divine guidance. Just ideas.

Catalyst and Experience Reflections

Like in Part 1,  begin to examine these images in relation to one another in the hopes of pulling out some insight into the artists message about these figures. We will begin looking at the Empress and Emperor, then Wheel and Enchantress, Faith and Moon…

Call out similarities and reflections of each upon the other. An example of this is the overall shape of the Empress echos the shape of the Wheel. Therefore, next we would compare the Emperor and Enchantress with the same scrutiny. The final stage of this exercise is to then glean the implications of these similarities in relation to their status and position. For advanced students, consider then the usefulness of each of these expressions of reality and begin to consider meaningful scenarios where these adjustments to perspective might be useful.

catalyst and experience

Consider these questions:

  • Why is the Empress holding the bird?
  • Why is the Emperor on his toe? Why do you think he is so pointed?
  • Why is the Enchantress holding the lion? Why does she have a nest of birds on her head?
  • What are those two creatures doing on the Wheel? What do you think they represent anyway?
  • What about that sphinx with the arrow?
  • Many of the figures are facing something, what might this be explaining about their natures?
  • What might the symbolism of the scorpion in the moonlight represent? Are they shadows or reflections?
  • Why is the moon black?
  • What do you think the connection is between the white/black star of Faith and the two pyramids in the Moon?
  • Why do you think the main figure is kneeling?

A few of my observations:

  • The Empresses shoulder veils echo the clothing of the Emperor, perhaps suggesting that catalyst and experience are both clothed by the mind relative to the time frame of the illusion being experienced.For both catalyst and experience, the awareness of their magical power (the orb) is in the back of the mind, it is not the point of their attention. The Empress rests or sits upon reality.
  •  In the Emperor, I see all these point. His left leg is firmly pointed in front of reality while his left arm and right leg point left. his clothes make up the top of the box. Even his clothes are pointy.  I see a male figure in blue dancing on a stage in the middle, twirling beautifully like a danseur (a male ballerina). Powerfully, majestically, with intense focus and precision on every move, every extension of his limb sharp and elegant. Triangles of transformation.
  • Both Emperor and Empress are seated above the cubit .
  • I wonder if the seven spokes of the Wheel are reflecting again the senses or the chakra system. I wonder if that wheel begins to wobble when one of those snakes gets out of balance or shape. I think about how the mind, to the body, might look like a ruthless commander, sometimes forcing its will upon the body, demanding it to do things against its natural tendency to stay in balance. I think it looks like a thermometer, or a scale as well.  I wonder if the two figures represent in-streaming and out-streaming of life force energy through the body. I also think the pointed spear of the sphixy guy on top looks like the needle and the wheel as a record player.Also, why is the central element drawn as a tool or a thing and not a being. It looks mechanical while all the other figures in this set have earthy qualities.
  • I wonder if the Emperor’s cat is the Enchantress’ lion.
  • I wonder if the Enchantress is like the Vanna White of lion tamers.
  • The idea of the importance of the symbolism of Polaris, the north star,  is most evident in the card Faith. The idea that the best way to orient the spirit toward catalyst is by bowing down and giving freely of yourself. I wonder if the Dogs are in the dark water of Faith. 
  • The experience of the spirit is one of staring at or balancing your opposites.
  • Confronting things (the woman and bird – Empress, The two figures on the Wheel, the Enchantress and her lion, the two do
  • Those dogs, look hungry to me; the lion looks transfixed. The magical creatures on the wheel look a little intense. You get the idea. Be playful here, be creative, have fun. It will help bring out your inner wisdom.

Ra’s thoughts to consider: 

Law of One, Session 54 Question 24 
Questioner: The purpose then, of what we call the incarnate physical state, seems to be wholly or almost wholly that of experiencing the programmed catalyst and then evolving as a function of that catalyst. Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall restate for clarity. The purpose of incarnative existence is evolution of mind, body, and spirit. In order to do this it is not strictly necessary to have catalyst. However, without catalyst the desire to evolve and the faith in the process do not normally manifest and thus evolution occurs not. Therefore, catalyst is programmed and the program is designed for the mind/body/spirit complex for its unique requirements. Thus it is desirable that a mind/body/spirit complex be aware of and hearken to the voice of its experiential catalyst, gleaning from it that which it incarnated to glean.

Concept Basics:

The First Impressions – echos from the system
Empress: Female mental energy echo (Mind Matrix/Potentiator Reflection)
Emperor: Male mental energy echo (Mind Matrix/Potentiator Reflection)
Wheel of Fortune: Male physical energy echo (Body)
Enchantress: Female physical energy echo (Body)
Faith: Light spiritual energy echo (Spirit)
Moon: Dark spiritual energy echo (Spirit)

So, as we have mind, body and spirit reflecting one another consider the concept of moving through time in a pattern. I think of like a printing press. I imagine the matrix and poteniators are the molds or the press and catalyst and experience are their first impressions, the very first mark or blemish on the record to make an imprint, the first press if you will. I want to impart the idea that there is also a forward progression of reflections as we move through each couple.

I will leave you with these thoughts: in this room of light we call reality we are dancing in a ballroom where there are many, many mirrors. I imagine a Rubik’s cube like shape only inverted and with floating mirrors on all the sides, each reflecting the dancer in the center. Each of the mirrors move and slide and lock and rotate. Each reflecting individual pieces of the self so as to be seen and adjustments made. When you look in the mirror in the morning, of the many things you might see is a smudge of dirt on your face. Once you see it you may want to go about cleaning yourself up. So, too the idea is that this hall of mirrors reflects all parts of yourself from many angles and each piece becomes then a part of the manifested reality experience, aka daily life, therefore adjusting yourself, adjusts your life.