Two Simple and Fun Exercises for Vitality, Balance and Well Being

Posted on May 2, 2013


Feeling the need to recalibrate?

Use these two exercises to bring about the state of well being, balance and vitality.

Before you begin.

Prepare a space. Take a moment to prepare a place for your practice. You will need a comfortable place to sit. I prefer to be in a place where there is moving air (i.e. fan, open window, etc.) and will sometime light a candle or some incense, this is entirely up to you.

Move your body.

Do a brief physical warm up to get everything moving. Stretch the limbs, get the heart pumping a bit, warm the body and BREATHE DEEPLY! You want the body to be awake and alert.

Part 1- Find Balance.

Find yourself in a comfortably seated position where your feet can rest flat on the ground before you.

We will begin by supporting ourselves.

Imagine your head as a very large, sphere balancing on a very thin rod of your neck, balanced upon an inverted triangle chest, its point balancing on a small, two legged table. Imagine how perfectly aligned each of these objects must be in order for them to stay balanced, so easily anyone of these things could slip out of place and the whole thing might tumble. Hold your body high, seeing each of these elements being perfectly aligned and supported. Breathe.

Part 2- Imagine.

Close your eyes and imagine that about two feet above your head you begin to see what looks like a flower is growing. You see the flower from underneath then swing your perspective above to see what sort of flower it is. Note the type of flower you see and its current state of growth. Note anything you observe about this flowers petals, stamen or surrounding crown.

Once you have examined the flower sufficiently, your eyes travel down the stem where you see the first little node on the stem. As you gaze closer, you see the node is eerily shaped like an eye and that eye is giving you a very clear expression. You know what it is being said with this one eye. Note the color of the eye, any features or qualities that seem to be apart of the eye.

Down the stem from the eye, you see what looks to be a thorn. You study the thorn, maybe press your finger against it to test its sharpness. Consider the thorn and any qualities you observe. 

Our attention drifts downward, landing on the first full leafs and plant body of the flower. You study the leaf(s) for a moment, noting anything of particular interest.

Your eyes travel down again until you reach the space where the flower and the Earth meet. See the horizon line and the nature of the soil and environment of the flower. Where does this flower live? What do you observe?

You sink down into the earth, just below the surface to take a look at the tap root and the beginning of the sprawling root system of the flower. You see how this flower has been planted and has reached out to create a strong and supported foundation for the beautiful flower overhead.

You travel down a particularly long root till you see the happy tips immersed in water hidden deep underground. Imagine the flower, pulling the water upward through the farthest reaching tips, up the root system to the tap root, up to through the earth into the stem, up the stem into the leaves and thorn, past the node all the way to the flower head. And feel from above the beautiful flower shines the sun, bright and warm. Feel the leaves soaking in every drop of golden, honey-thick rays of light. Feel your whole body soaking up the water while your skin basks in the beauty of the sunlight. Be at peace. Be fulfilled. Be balanced. Be well.

Love to you from every direction,


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