Archetype: original; something that serves as a model or basis for making copies; the original model or ideal example

Archetypal Mind

“The archetypical mind is a great and fundamental portion of the mind complex, one of its most basic elements and one of the richest sources of information for the seeker of the One Infinite Creator.”- Ra, session 88

“The word, archetype, springs from two Greek words which translate as “first pattern” or prototype. The concept of an archetypal mind bears some resemblance to Plato’s concept of universal ideas. The Greek sage suggests that universal ideas exist with more reality than particular, ‘real’ ideas because of their absolute generality. For instance, an ideal-universe tree would have no specific characteristic, such as a broken branch or a carving on the trunk. In just such a way, for instance, the Jungian archetype of Mother is a pure concept…”- Carla Rueckert, On Spirityal Hierarchies, Part 4 – The Archetypal Mind


Deeply embedded within the mind is a structure or hierarchical system at play. Ra says that once we become conscious of this energy, then we will become a conscious part of the process of evolution, but up until that point, it will be automatic.


“To attempt to condense the archetypes is to make an erroneous attempt. Each archetype is a significant ding an sich, or thing in itself, with its own complex of concepts. While it is informative to survey the relationships of one archetype to another it can be said that this line of inquiry is secondary to the discovery of the purest gestalt or vision or melody which each archetype signifies to both the intellectual and intuitive mind.

The Significators of Mind, Body, and Spirit complexes are complex in and of themselves, and the archetypes of Catalyst, Experience, Transformation, and the Great Way are most fruitfully viewed as independent complexes which have their own melodies with which they may inform the mind of its nature.


So Archetypes are the first of something and they inform thinking and they are somehow apart of the deep roots of the mind which means that in some ways, on very deep levels, they have an impact on our lives. Let’s first explore the idea of what an Archetype actually is, for a moment. If everything is really energy (and it is), then each Archetype would then be like the first set of energy patterns planned by this logos to encourage and influence evolution or continued growth.

We ask that you consider that the archetypical mind informs those thoughts which then may have bearing upon the mind, the body, or the spirit. The archetypes do not have a direct linkage to body or spirit. All must be drawn up through the higher levels of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and thence they may flee whither they have been bidden to go. When used in a controlled way they are most helpful.” – Ra, Session 88

The philosophy behind understanding the archetypes and how they articulate the architecture of the archetypal mind was first to create a foundation of of mind, then of body and then of spirit, explained in three groups of seven: the mind cycle, one through seven; the body cycle, eight through fourteen; the spiritual cycle, fifteen through twenty-one; the last concept being the Choice.

Upon the foundation of the transformation of each complex, with free will guided by the root concepts offered in these cycles, the Logos offered this density the basic architecture of a building and the constructing and synthesizing of data culminating in The Choice.” – Ra, Session 77

Why study the Archetypes?

The adept has already worked much, not only within the red, orange, yellow, and green energy centers but also in the opening of the blue and indigo. Up through this point the archetypes function as the great base or plinth of a builded structure or statue keeping the mind complex viable, level, and available as a resource whenever it may be evoked. There is a point at which the adept takes up its work. This is the point at which a clear and conscious consideration of the archetypal mind is useful.”- Ra, Session 90

It is not for me to tell you which path you are on or which to take but it seems that even if this study has an end, only brings us back again to the very beginning. I feel as though a large precipice lies before us and we face our future with only a small sack of knowledge on our back. But for some reason, perhaps foolishness, we point ourselves again in the direction of answers that drive us to question more. For we have only begun to glimpse the awe of our Creator, our Universe, our Infiniteness, our self.

We, of Ra, are humble messengers of the Law of One. We seek to teach/learn this single law. During the space/time of the Egyptian teach/learning we worked to bring the mind complex, the body complex, and the spirit complex into an initiated state in which the entity could contact intelligent energy and so become teach/learner itself so that healing and the fruits of study could be offered to all. The study of the roots of mind is a portion of the vivification of the mind complex and, as we have noted, the thorough study of the portion of the roots of mind called archetypical is an interesting and necessary portion of the process as a whole.”- Ra, Session 76

From the Law of One, Session 71

Questioner: Then each entity is of a path that leads to one destination. This is like many, many roads that travel through many, many places but eventually merge into one large center. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct but somewhat wanting in depth of description. More applicable would be the thought that each entity contains within it all of the densities and sub-densities of the octave so that in each entity, no matter whither its choices lead it, its great internal blueprint is one with all others. Thusly its experiences will fall into the patterns of the journey back to the original Logos. This is done through free will but the materials from which choices can be made are one blueprint.

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