Second Approach


The second approach to understanding the archetypes through the tarot is a more personal one, perhaps more time consuming, but probably the most fulfilling. To read what others have said and try to fit those ideas into your own understanding can be a challenge and can do more harm then good since those ideas maybe unique to the experience of the person doing the speaking.

From the Law of One session 88:

Questioner: Did Ra use cards similar to the tarot cards for training in third-density?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

Questioner: What did Ra use in third density?

Ra: I am Ra. You are aware in your attempts at magical visualization of the mental configuration of sometimes rather complex visualizations. These are mental and drawn with the mind. Another example well-known in your culture is the visualization, in your mass, of the distortion of the love of the One Infinite Creator called Christianity, wherein a small portion of your foodstuffs is seen to be a mentally configured but entirely real man, the man known to you as Jehoshuah or, as you call this entity now, Jesus. It was by this method of sustained visualization over a period of training that we worked with these concepts.

These concepts were occasionally drawn. However, the concept of one visualization per card was not thought of by us.

Questioner: How did the teacher relay information to the student in respect to visualization?

Ra: I am Ra. The process was cabalistic; that is, of the oral tradition of mouth to ear.

The second approach is designed to follow this same path, that is to use the tool of visualization and note-taking to study the archetypes. This model is free form and can be done at ones own pace an speed. The important thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone needs different information since we are at different starting points, so what we see or read into symbols then are for us and us alone to understand in the way that we understand things. Just because some people think a card means one thing doesn’t make that meaning any more true or false than your own ideas on the matter. Imagination can be the key to unlocking answers where only questions stood before.

The process follows the same suggested course outline as the traditional study with use of the cards. Essentially, once completed, each participant will have drawn (either mentally or physically) a personal image that represents each archetype and then begins the process of understanding each personal symbol as a part of the whole picture. Tarot cards are NOT NEEDED for this study. Creation of personal images are the end result of the study.

Here’s What I have so far.

Use the following document to complete the study: Visulizational Study of the Archetypes Workbook


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