System of Sevens

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The System of Sevens

This study was derived from the following excerpt from the Law of One, Book IV: Session 88

Questioner: Ra must have had, shall we say, a lesson plan or course of training for the twenty-two archetypes to be given either to those of third density of Ra or, later on, to those in Egypt. Could you describe this scenario for the training course?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full query of this working. We find it more nearly appropriate to discuss our plans in acquainting initiates upon your own planet with this particular version of the archetypes of the archetypical mind. Our first stage was the presentation of the images, one after the other, in the following order: one, eight, fifteen; two, nine, sixteen; three, ten, seventeen; five, twelve, nineteen; six, thirteen, twenty; seven, fourteen, twenty-one; twenty-two. In this way the fundamental relationships between mind, body, and spirit could begin to be discovered, for as one sees, for instance, the Matrix of the Mind in comparison to the Matrices of Body and Spirit one may draw certain tentative conclusions. When, at length, the student had mastered these visualizations and had considered each of the seven classifications of archetype, looking at the relationships between mind, body, and spirit, we then suggested consideration of archetypes in pairs: one and two; three and four; five; six and seven.

You may continue in this form for the body and spirit archetypes. You will note that the consideration of the Significator was left unpaired, for the Significator shall be paired with Archetype Twenty-Two. At the end of this line of inquiry the student was beginning to grasp more and more deeply the qualities and resonances of each archetype. At this point, using various other aids to spiritual evolution, we encouraged the initiate to learn to become each archetype and, most importantly, to know as best as possible within your illusion when the adoption of the archetype’s persona would be spiritually or metaphysically helpful. As you can see, much work was done creatively by each initiate. We have no dogma to offer. Each perceives that which is needful and helpful to the self.

Guidelines: Before Continuing

Download the study workbook: Archetypes Study Workbook.pdf

  • Make an attempt to grasp the archetype on your own first. Each person shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, in its own way.
  • Precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.
  • Recall at all times that the archetypes are a portion of the resources of the mind complex.
  • Some of the symbols are cultural in nature. The elimination of stars in all cases is acceptable.
  • Although it is good to view the images without the astrological additions, it is to be noted that the more general positions, phases, and characteristics of each concept complex are those which are significant.
  • To the student of the tarot, the images represent the learning of the process of evolution. To any other person, they are pictures and nothing more.

There are details of each image seen through the cultural eye of the time of inscription. This is to be expected. Therefore, when viewing the, shall we say, Egyptian costumes and systems of mythology used in the images it is far better to penetrate to the heart of the costumes’ significance or the creatures’ significance rather than clinging to a culture which is not your own.

In each entity the image will resonate slightly differently. Therefore, there is the desire upon Ra’s part to allow for the creative envisioning of each archetype using general guidelines rather than specific and limiting definitions.” -Ra, Session 91

Note: Two approaches have been created to study this information (System of Sevens and Second Approach). The System of Sevens is wholly based on the direction of Ra from book IV of the Law of One, while the second approach is a more creative and free-form approach to understanding the subject matter inspired by Ra.

If the student feels pulled, they may choose to study using a combination of approach or even feel inspired to craft a unique one. Any method that brings about excitement within the self bares consideration.

The archetypes are not the foundation for spiritual evolution but rather are the tool for grasping in an undistorted manner the nature of this evolution.” – Ra, Session 91

22 Major Arcana

Please explore the cards in the order suggested if this is your first time.

Symbolic Analysis                                                                  Concepts Explored

  1. Arcanum No. I: The Magician —————————— Matrix of the Mind
  2. Arcanum No. IVII: Balance ———————————- Matrix of the Body
  3. Arcanum No. XV: Primeval Darkness ——————— Matrix of the Spirit
  4. Arcanum No. II: The High Priestess ———————– Potentiator of Mind
  5. Arcanum No. IX: Wisdom ———————————— Potentiator of Body
  6. Arcanum No. XVI: Lightning ——————————— Potentiator of Spirit
  7. Arcanum No. III: The Empress —————————— Catalyst of the Mind
  8. Arcanum No. III: Wheel of Fortune ———————— Catalyst of Body
  9. Arcanum No. XVII: Faith ————————————– Catalyst of the Spirit
  10. Arcanum No. IV: The Emperor —————————— Experience of Mind
  11. Arcanum No. XI: The Enchantress ————————- Experience of Body
  12. Arcanum No. XVII: The Moon ——————————- Experience of Spirit
  13. Arcanum No. V: The Hierophant ————————— Significator of Mind
  14. Arcanum No. XII: The Martyr ——————————– Significator of Body
  15. Arcanum No. XIX: The Sun ———————————– Significator of Spirit
  16. Arcanum No. VI: Two Paths ——————————— Transformation of Mind
  17. Arcanum No. XII: Death ————————————– Transformation of Body
  18. Arcanum No. XX: Sarcophagus —————————– Transformation of Spirit
  19. Arcanum No. VII: The Chariot —————————— Great Way of the Mind
  20. Arcanum No. XIV: The Alchemist ————————– Great Way of the Body
  21. Arcanum No. XXI: The Universe —————————- Great Way of the Spirit
  22. Arcanum No. XXII/0: The Choice ————————— The Choice

The Seven Classifications

  1. Matrix
  2. Potentiator
  3. Catalyst
  4. Experience
  5. Significator
  6. Transformation
  7. The Great Way
  8. The Choice

The Relationships in Pairs

  1. Magician and High Priestess
  2. Empress and Emperor
  3. Two Paths and The Chariot
  4. Balance and Wisdom
  5. Wheel of Fortune and The Enchantress
  6. Death and The Alchemist
  7. Primeval Darkness and Lightning
  8. Faith and The Moon
  9. Sarcophagus and The Universe
  10. The Hierophant, Martyr, Sun and The Choice

The Great Cycles

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit

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